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    It really annoys me when….


    tr.v., -annoyed, -noy·ing, -noys.

    1. To cause slight irritation to (another) by troublesome, often repeated acts.
    2. Archaic. To harass or disturb by repeated attacks. 

    As you may have noticed I am generally annoyed by many things in life, but some just take the biscuit and some you have to experience daily, in turn we learn to live with these annoyances.¬† It’s easier that way. However, when you are in a queue as i was about fifteen minutes ago sometimes it’s hard to not speak your mind and tell these morons where to go.¬†

    ¬†Picture the scene…

    We’re standing in a shop, waiting patiently like good little cattle, when all of a sudden a woman of a certain age comes along and looks as though she is about to push in line, which¬†I have been waiting in for several minutes (several being more than the acceptable two or three).¬† I wait, look ahead and think she is going to push in, I wonder if I could piss her off and do it to her next time she is waiting in line? Of course I continue to stand there in that line waiting for my turn with the cashier.¬† I egde forward, waiting with baited breath.¬† The woman moves¬†forward more, I resist the temptation to scream out;

    “Move it, woman, you’re getting in the way. In-fact that is not the point, I’m next!”

    I reserve my opinion and it’s time for me to be served.¬† I walk forward to the till, and with my forward motion the woman says;

    “Go ahead love, your next”

    I must state that she said it with no malice and it could not be interpreted in any other way other than that she is stating the obvious. 

    “Of course¬†I know I’m next I’ve been standing here waiting for a several minutes, you moron!”

    However, I don’t say the above, instead I smile politely and the inevitable comes out of mouth;

    “Thank you”

    It really is an issue which is more evident daily, I’m polite, conscious of others and I wouldn’t dream of interjecting with a ungracious;

    “Fuck off” or More likely “Fuck you”

     The reason that I would not do this?

    I’m British.¬† I mean I’m proud to be British, but bloody hell why can’t¬†I just speak my mind? If I was American or French I would of been straight in there, with a meaningful;

    “Fuck you bitch” An exact Americanisation, or the rather more romantic;

    “Vous baiser” The French alternative.

    ¬†So the sum total of my anger today is focused around the innocuous fact that I cannot ever express my feelings…

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