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    Body Worlds, Manchester, Travelling and Trains…

    As much as I enjoy seeing new places, and as much as I enjoy trains and indeed journeys I can take within them, it can be rather mind-numbing when you have to catch six in one day, this was what happened when I travelled to Manchester. I have and remain a fan of the marvellous Gunther Van Hagens, since he officiated the first live autopsy for over three-hundred years screened on Channel 4 in 2002, and when I discovered that Body Worlds (his infamous exhibition of Human “Plastinates”) was coming back the UK, I knew that this would mean a trip to wherever it was being exhibited.

    I found that the exhibition would be held at MOSI; Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry, I live and work in Birmingham and even as non-geographical I am, I knew that this would mean some form of travel, something which I am not one-hundred percent keen on, but as the saying goes; when needs must. Getting to Manchester is no more difficult that catching TB although it is certainly more irritating.

    Now, I must clarify that; the main reason for my dislike of travel is that it makes me credibly tired, even the merest few miles can make me exhausted this is not due to an underlying condition it is to be frank simply that I am the categorisation of a lazy bastard. So this twinned my morbid dislike of not having a plan can often be very difficult. You see when I’m going any long distance to place I don’t know i like to have a plan to which I can work to, its vital, and its justified in my mind anyway.

    Once you get there Manchester isn’t that bad a place, Manchester Piccadilly is certainly an impressive structure, late victorian I would imagine but also twinned with a modern exterior its ultimately very pleasing both to the eye and indeed to the traveller. To find your way to MOSI is easy, simplicity itself, or at least it was for me, I had planned the entire journey down to the nearest metre, thank God for Google Maps.

    Upon arrival into Machester I must admit that I was somewhat shocked at the magnitude of Manchester’s Piccadilly Station, and I mean magnitube of. It is a stunning piece of Victorian arcitecture, and has been lovingly updated to meet the modern demands of today’s traveller. It is worrying to think that Birmingham; Englands Second City has a 60’s reject as its international rail exchange, something which hopefully soon will be rectified. I really think that Birmingham is lagging behind Manchester and more so Liverpool, something which I am insense about, I mean to say, I love the City I was born and raised in but it is worrying that Birmingham is lagging so much behind.

    To Be Continued…

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