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    Shut your stupid mouth..

    Is what I would like to say to grammar Nazis that lurk around public forums on the internet.  if you’ve been following my bloggings you will realise that I am part of a Political forum, the link for said forum is on this very page.  I tend to hide on these forums and only write something when I deem that a point has not been put across.

    I’m generally not aggressive unless you’re wrong.  No, that’s a bit strong, I’m never aggressive… much.  I’m assured that my opinion is welcomed and maybe even agreed with and we’re all human and make mistakes in our text based lives.  I am however aggravated by you Mr. Grammar and you Mrs. Comma in the Wrong Place.

    I think we all have a right to free speech and as long as you can read it there isn’t a problem or is there?

    I’ll leave that for you dear reader to decide.

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