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    Sceptical Bullshit Series: The Problem with Spiritualism

    It’s bullshit.

    Well that was easy wasn’t it? Spiritualism is the maybe the third biggest load of bullshit every to have graced our world. ¬†I’ll go into what number two and number one are in the course of this mini-series. ¬†The problem I have with spiritualism is that from a scientific and logical stand point there is not evidence to prove it, so consequently why believe it?

    A lot of people who believe in this kind of bullshit are trying to exploit a basic human trait of escapism.  Now escapism is fine most of the time we all do it; some by reading, many by arty things such as drawing or writing.  What I have a problem with is escaping through something which is neither real or can ever be proven to be so.

    All those hours wasted by looking at star charts to see which¬†quadrant Venus is in and how that’ll effect your life is complete and utter shite. ¬†Unless of course you’re a muppet. ¬†Personally I don’t believe in fate, why should you when life has infinite¬†possibilities that are determined by nothing but your own actions.

    What can I say to deter people from believing in it? Nothing, people are free to believe what they like and no amount of anti-bullshit watching by me is going to make a difference, people will believe it non the less.  Maybe people who has a spiritualist streak should think once in a while that maybe if they just let life take them where it wants to things will work out on their own.

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