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    It’s been a year.

     Posted in Anger Level 1 at 18:52 on Thursday, December 1st, 2016 by Mr. Rant

    It’s been a year, well, over a year since I last put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard to write something.  There is no particular reason as to why I’ve been silent, time has just got away from me.  It’s a shame, but then again I haven’t felt like I needed to write, and I think you do have to have a need to write. 

    I could have for instance written any old crap, and posted it.  (Granted, the majority of this website is shite.)

    I would have regretted that when I read the post afterwards. 

    I was aimlessly looking at this website earlier today, and I had the urge, the sudden random intent to write.  This is how this website was initially created, that itch to write kind of takes you, and you have to scratch it, it’s much like an STI, it’s unfathomable and itchy.

    And guess what… It’s December.  2016 has literally flown by, as you get older it does this.  The days flash past, and I often think that if I could give my younger self a note, I would tell him to do more, it’s very very fast.  Before you know you it, it’s December and you’ve accomplished nothing that year. 

    It’s also almost Christmas, my most hated and favoured season.  I love that it’s cold.   I hate that it’s busy everywhere.  I love ice skating, I hate that it’s busy everywhere.  I love seeing houses and trees all dressed up like some cheap prostitute begging to be fondled.  Okay, so that image is weird, and mental.  Alas, you don’t come here for my stunning similes, in fact I doubt many people come here any more, but I refuse to get rid of this site, it’s been a ride that I’m glad I took, and almost ten years ago too. 

    Actually didn’t we already reach it’s ten year anniversary? I have no idea to be honest!

    Whatever, I’m still here, and I am Christmas shopping this weekend, joy.  I can’t wait, I will punch and explain later, if someone barges past me, I don’t have the patience.  I never did.

    Until next time. 

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      Written By Mr. Rant.

    What a wonderful English problem…

     Posted in Anger Level 1 & Public Information at 14:00 on Saturday, August 23rd, 2008 by Mobile Rant

    It surely is an English problem it’s bank holiday weekend end and this happens…

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