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    I am a geek, in many ways…

     Posted in Entertainment & Technology at 18:50 on Monday, January 30th, 2017 by Mr. Rant

    Often times, I sit wondering what to do when I free time, I look for something interesting to do, or somewhere interesting to visit.  Today was one of those days.  I woke up this morning knowing that I have a day off, and knowing that I wanted to go out and find something to do.  I fired up the internet on my phone, and googled Midland Air Museum.  I’d seen adverts for this place before and considered going, the issue was that I’m about an hour away, and it would involve driving a bit, no problem today. 

    I got in the car, and just over 45 minutes later I was greeted by the following on pulling into the car park. 

    Avro Vulcan B.2 XL360 looms over the car park at the Midland Air Museum

    Pretty exciting for a geek, I could sense and smell the aviation.  Now, I should add that this is not the limit to my geekery, I am keen and geeky on many things, this is just one of them, I’m not sure what is it about aircraft that I find exciting, they just are, and arguably none more so that the Vulcan. 

    A bit of background about the Vulcan is in order…

    The Vulcan was developed in the 40 and 50’s as the UK’s Nuclear Deterrent, originally designated a high level bomber, the Vulcan was maneuverable, powerful and a good bet in a fight.  Powered by four very powerful Olympus 201 (Mk II) turbojet engines, non afterburner, it just wasn’t needed.  She could go almost supersonic.  Later in her life she was used for low level bombing, hence why almost all survivors now carry the camouflage paint pattern. 

    You may have heard that in recent times one was still flying, that aircraft XH558 lived very much a charmed life, when she retired from RAF service and consequently being the only display Vulcan with the RAF, she was purchased by David Walton for ¬£25,000, and then restored over fifteen years to flight worthy status. she wowed audiences for a further eight years before being grounded in 2015, due mainly to her airframe being well over what are sane hours for a ninety-one ton aircraft. 

    The Vulcan above (XL360) was retired to Coventry airport, and into the hands of the Midland Air Museum in January 1982, where she has been cared for ever since.  She is complete internally, save for the Nuclear Bomb arming hardware (probably a good thing). 

    Back to topic. 

    This museum is amazing if you like aviation, it features a mix of aircraft of all types and models, the main linker is that they are all of jet provenance, have a local connection to Coventry.  Something which should be applauded was the curators.  We should celebrate our heritage.  Too much is being lost. 

    I definitely recommend you attend even if you have just a passing interest in aircraft, a tip is to ask if you have something you want to see, the guides will give you access to almost every aircraft onsite.  Definite winner. 

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    Outstanding Contribution – Russell Brand? Outstanding Prick…

     Posted in Anger Level 4 & Entertainment at 10:08 on Sunday, January 23rd, 2011 by Mr. Rant

    Last night (Saturday 23rd December 2010) the British Comedy Awards were held at the O2 in London and also broadcast live on Channel 4 – nothing unusual in that I hear you say, what is unusual is that the winners weren’t exactly what you’d expect.

    As ever with award ceremonies there will be winners and losers and people will be upset at who won and who didn’t but last nights awards seem to be a the biggest shock. ¬†Most people will be aware that the winners are picked (with the exception of the People’s Choice award which is picked by the public via expensive telephone voting) by a panel of industry experts and fellow funny people, it seems they have lost their way somewhat this year.

    For a start who expected ‘Horrible Histories’ to win Best Sketch Show; even though I’ll admit it’s quite good, and who for the love of God picked Newswipe as the winner of Best Comedy Entertainment Show when the likes of Harry Hill’s TV Burp are getting better ratings and Newswipe is stuck on BBC Three late at night, but the biggest shock was yet to come.

    Outstanding? Nope.

    Outstanding? Nope.

    The Outstanding Contribution to Comedy Award was given to that lanky, offensive, flouncy haired know-it-all Russell Brand, when the likes of Peter Kay and his Lordship Stephen Fry have won it before, what were the judges thinking when they picked him?

    I can only suggest that they were either bribed or aren’t actually industry experts and they’re actually sixteen year old girls or Katy Perry.

    I think you need to pose the question whether award shows such as these are actually worthwhile when you have a comedian (using the term lightly) who is almost universally despised winning a top award, maybe it’s time the whole show was voted for by the public¬†preferably¬†online and for free. ¬†It’s time to give the public back the choice after all we are the people who watch¬†comedians, pay the license fee and support their work. ¬† I’ve sworn that I’ll never watch the comedy awards ever again and I’ll stick by that until they realise that we won’t stand for winners who don’t deserve a top honour.

    We can only that next year the winner is more realistic or else we’ll have Lady Gaga getting an OBE for Outstanding Contribution to Fashion in next years new years honours list.

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    Most Haunted Live…

     Posted in Entertainment at 1:00 on Monday, November 2nd, 2009 by Mr. Rant

    I have a confession to make.¬† It’s a very guilty pleasure of mine to partake in a somewhat trashy programme called Most Haunted Live.¬† In case you haven’t heard of it, stand by there’s a brief guide coming up.¬† The idea behind the programme is as it sounds; there’s a team of paranormal investigators who travel around the U.K (mostly) and investigate creepy-goings-on.

    Whether or not you believe in the paranormal this programme is great Paratainment (Thanks must be given to: @SlapnutzUK for that great turn of phrase) – I like it because it is just that, great entertainment and something you can really giggle over.

    This time around the show ran for eight consecutive nights broadcast through cable channel LivingTv, the crew were in the north-east of England looking at some creepy locations – interestingly enough I’d missed the first few nights, no great shame as the show is a breeze to catch up with.¬† Paul Ross (Our MC, presenter and also master of the ‘Shortest of Short Breaks) does a great job of continuously recapping the night over and over, and yes admittedly it does wear thin towards the end of the run.

    It’s important to point out that the show is serious.¬† It’s serious about its intentions and tries to remain in the realm of reality, often they just about manage it, in between the ‘Wigging Out’ (A technical term) and the constant tirade of abuse directed towards Karl (the husband of the main presenter Yvette).¬† Yvette attempts to keep the team in tow and prevent a mass break down of the sombre mood into one of mass-hysteria – on night seven she failed miserably.

    During a seance in an old pub, some of the crew began to feel nauseous, it must be said that this is categorically not the first time this has happened.¬† It’s a regular feature of the show, although I often wished that they would show the contents of a stomach once in while just to prove that they are really feeling green.¬† Of course this programme is relatively classed as family entertainment.¬† I would agree with this in part.¬† The only exception that would exempt it’s family status would be the vulgarity of the language in the show (not something that bothers me, fuck it, I couldn’t give a damn), but alas I fear this may disparage a mother from letting her young daughter watch a programme where the worst of the worst words are slipped out amongst other ones.

    A thing of worth to note about Most Haunted Live is that it is great T.V.  It makes you laugh and will make you cry when they start to mess around on camera while orders are barked by Yvette in a militaristic style.  I would also suggest that you partake in the discussion on Twitter using the hash tag #mosthauntedlive, some of the people on the discussion are terribly funny and are worth a follow.

    I must dedicate this post to them, without those people who entertain you via Twitter; Most Haunted Live would not be half as good as it is.

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