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     Posted in Thoughts on Things... at 17:34 on Wednesday, March 18th, 2009 by Mr. Rant

    Finally we’ve had the news every one has been waiting for! The iPhone 3G is actually going to be good now!

    Here’s a very brief overview of what’s coming:

    – Spotlight (search) is said to work well
    – SMS messages are sent in the background, which means you can type a new message while the old one is sending
    – Notes can be used in landscape
    – “Find my iPhone/iPod Touch” option available under MobileMe, which presumably allows you to locate your iPhone from Me.com
    – Backups of your iPhone or iPod Touch can be encrypted in iTunes
    – Notes will sync

    There’s many, many more things that will be coming in Version 3.0 if the iPhone OS!

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    Red Nose – Tastic!

     Posted in Thoughts on Things... at 21:51 on Wednesday, March 11th, 2009 by Mr. Rant

    So it’s Comic Relief from… well now here on my blog! As you can see we’ve gone all red Nose Mental and I’ll be adding some more things that you can download for Twitter or Facebook to show your support for RND ’09.

    Red Nose Day avatar image!

    Red Nose Day avatar image!

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    Blacking Out the internet…

     Posted in Thoughts on Things... at 23:01 on Monday, February 16th, 2009 by Mr. Rant

    It’s not often that I support campaign but this should be supported.  It could affect everyone with a website.  At present it’s only in New Zealand, but how long before other countries follow suit?

    “Section 92 of the Copyright Amendment Act assumes Guilt Upon Accusation and forces the termination of internet connections and websites without evidence, without a fair trial, and without punishment for any false accusations of copyright infringement. We should speak out against injustices like Guilt Upon Accusation being done in the name of artists and protecting creativity.”

    Link to:  http://creativefreedom.org.nz/s92.html

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    A bit of snow and the country falls apart!

     Posted in Thoughts on Things... at 23:16 on Monday, February 2nd, 2009 by Mr. Rant

    So over the past twenty-four hours we’ve had some snow, nothing in the grand scheme of things and what has happened, we’ve fallen apart.  It’s been deemed an extreme weather event but this is nothing in comparison with what America gets.

    Come on UK it’s on a smattering.

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    My Digital Life…

     Posted in iPhone & Thoughts on Things... at 22:24 on Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 by Mr. Rant

    Picture this it’s two-thousand and nine, technology is everywhere; in your pockets, on the bus, in your living room.  How I hear you cry do we keep all this connected together so that it updates the information we hold in a beauteous synchronicity? The internet is a wonderful thing and that’s not just the sections which are entirely full of pornography (although they are superb).

    The advent of the cloud has made our digital connectivity even easier than before, the cloud space on the internet has been a stunning accessory that we can all use to integrate technology into our lives, for me I use the cloud to develop my work across the world from wherever I am, I have instant access to my files and documents, all you need is an internet connection.

    You all know that I have an iPhone, this connects with my laptop and to my emails via Apple’s MobileMe service, all my emails and contacts get “pushed” to my phone and then everything works together and allows an instantly updated data stream.  I really don’t think I could live without the technology in my life, sad as it seems this is the truth, one day when the electricity runs out we’ll have to do it, and I wonder how well we will cope.

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    Shut your stupid mouth..

     Posted in An Objective Opinion & Public Information at 18:13 on Sunday, January 25th, 2009 by Mr. Rant

    Is what I would like to say to grammar Nazis that lurk around public forums on the internet.  if you’ve been following my bloggings you will realise that I am part of a Political forum, the link for said forum is on this very page.  I tend to hide on these forums and only write something when I deem that a point has not been put across.

    I’m generally not aggressive unless you’re wrong.  No, that’s a bit strong, I’m never aggressive… much.  I’m assured that my opinion is welcomed and maybe even agreed with and we’re all human and make mistakes in our text based lives.  I am however aggravated by you Mr. Grammar and you Mrs. Comma in the Wrong Place.

    I think we all have a right to free speech and as long as you can read it there isn’t a problem or is there?

    I’ll leave that for you dear reader to decide.

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      Written By Mr. Rant.