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    A brush with the BBC?

     Posted in Funnies at 0:12 on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008 by Mr. Rant

    Interesting how somethings just happen that confuse or

    make you smile. Mr. Rant today had a brush with the BBC, during the daily course of the job in which I do, you come across new and strange circumstances that you have to deal with, today this event was one such occasion.

    I took a call on our Emergency line at work, yeah exciting eh? Not really but I digress. This call it transpire was from the BBC, they had been filming in a building for the whimsical televisual delight which is Doctors (logo included below).

    This chap called Marlon had been on the crew, when all of a sudden he had the need to change his trousers, he removed the offending article of clothing and placed them in the toilet at the building in which they were filming, simple enough but does beg the question why he felt the need to take them off, more to the point why it would be a requirement to remove them whilst working as part of a crew, indeed as you may be thinking, I didn’t feel the need to probe him about his AWOL jeans.

    To cut a short story even shorter this lad had left the building presumably in just his undercrackers, to return home but lo and behold he had forgotten that his trousers were in the aforementioned toilet and only realised that his keys, phone and wallet resided in them when he had got back to the studio, he had called us to get the building unlocked, effectively the chap was homeless and indeed penniless.

    We managed to sort the problem out, and all was well, but why would you go somewhere and remove your jeans?

    Especially if you work for the BBC?

    What a merry little programme this is?

    What a merry little programme this is?

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      Written By Mr. Rant.