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    Failure is always an Option, It’s often a certainty….

    I have began to discover that this blogging is rather addictive, I can liken it to smoking, you have one, you want another.  I don’t know if this is just me or whether it is the fact that I have alot to say, evidently I do, and besides it’s not like it is illegal to write down your thoughts and feelings after-all its all part of freedom of speech. 

    A few days ago, I went to our local pub for a nice meal, this is a common event for me, I am a foody and I enjoy dining out.  The meal was lovely. I enjoy pub grub, it’s homely and fills the gap, with fatty steak, meaty lasagne or a nice light lunch. 

    Of course I was bound to be attracted by the meaty Aberdeen Angus Lasagne.  Which is heavenly.  You can assume its pre-made, mass-produced in a football-stadium-sized factory somewhere north of Dusseldorf and in all probability does not and never has contained any Aberdeen Angus Cow.  However that is not the issue.  After our meal I settled and decided that I wanted a cigarette, I smoke, it’s not big and it’s not clever, but I’m an addict and proud of that.  I will give up.  One day.  In the distant future. 

    I ventured outside, as is now customary in the UK.  I won’t get started on the smoking ban, this is a topic of which will be a basis to many of the posts which I will write over the coming months.  The benches outside our local are fine, they’re not comfortable, but then again who said a plank of wood in the shape of a triangle would be? Maybe that was an assumption I had developed to try and make the experience of being outside smoking on a freezing winter evening more comfortable. 

    Eventually after finding a dry seat and starting to get the feeling back in my fingers I spark up my fag and smoke it. I’m enjoying my cigarette, it’s as marvellous as ever.  Wonderful, just what you want, a fag, a nice evening and lovely meal.

    But that is not the issue… I think and feel that it is fair that these non-smokers don’t want to inhale my “second-hand” smoke but who cares, I pay taxes on every single thing and what do I get, coldness everytime I want a fag.  Unfair? Yes…

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