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    Silly Season…

    At long last, and I emphasise the long, the silly season which we affectionately call Christmas is over. Thank Fuck. It’s not that I’m mean spirited or that I dislike receiving presents which; I will most likely never use.
    It’s deeper than this.

    I have not a clue where it stems from or where the feeling is rooted that this year 2008, I have not enjoyed Christmas. It has been tedious, tiring and down right hard.

    Christmas Eve

    As is customary for me at Christmas I venture into town, I don’t know why. I moan enough that town is busy the rest of the year but for some unknown reason I choose quite possibly the busiest day in the year to explore the riches which are Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre; a place which I despise not just for its tacky over-rated and downright ruining architecture also for it’s inane stupidity and useless design.

    I have never seen the point of making the pathways into and from the Bullring so narrow that only about three people can pass through at any one time. For a start this is surely a fire hazard, so excuse me while I pop on my safety hat. (It’s red and has a big yellow “S” on the front; you can often see me using it in conjunction with my high-horse).
    I believe that when you design a building it should have ample access to and from the building, am I distorted in this view? Some would say that I am, but I believe in this view, and after all, you are allowed to say what you want!
    So as my tangent has diminished now, I shall continue.

    Christmas Day

    In it’s usual fashion Christmas day ran in its most annoying of veins.  My only salvation is that its over just as soon as it begins and that i can finally remove the snow flakes from my blog.  I won’t dwell on Christmas day to much there isn’t a lot to say about it except that it came and went without a fuss. 

    Christmas this year was unique i haven’t really experienced one like it before, it was a non event…. which was weird.

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