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    1. A popular Girls name.
    2. A pop song-cover by Amy Winehouse Produced by Mark Ronson.

    Okay, so I may not particularly like the song but I feel that it is subject to a rant or at least an outpouring of objection, not because of the song itself, but more because of the singer if you can call her that, who has covered this song recently; I speak of course of the inimitable Amy Drug-house sorry Amy Wino, correction; Amy Winehouse. I am confused that she; someone who could have had anything she wished has sunk to a low to which, the tabloid world is taking a great interest in.

    When you initially hear Miss Winehouse you are impressed, her vocal prowess is stunning, her voice has taken music back forty years to a time in which the R and B world was relished and looked upon with fascination and intrigue. I have no doubt that she is a good singer; it may not be my cup of tea, but I understand and appreciate that she is intriguing.

    So why ruin such a talent? Why take life to an extreme of drug abuse and ruin what surely will be a long-serving and fulfilling career? I believe that the answers to these questions are answers which cannot be answered fully, however we can but try to delve into the psyche of the woman in question. It is a trend that when you have it all you are destined to crave more, maybe Miss Winehouse has developed an extreme case of greed or that she feels a need to fill her young life with something which makes her unappealing to the vast majority of society. Drugs are; as we are aware a taboo subject.

    It appears that most teenagers have dabbled in some form of drug use, be it marijuana to nicotine or ecstasy to heroin. I will not be judge-jury and executioner on these younglings but I will agree that all of the above are to a degree an element of rebellion; as we know that they are restricted, but we tend toward them with an open mind.

    What I fail to understand is; (I may warn you that this will be a long drawn out debate)

    Miss Winehouse you have everything you need; yes we agree that money cannot always make you happy but we can argue the point that nor can drugs and alcohol, mostly they make you depressed, force you into to a situation in which you have little or no control. This would be what is known as ironic having what you want and constantly searching for more, never happy until you have consumed a third world sized amount of Heroin.

    I will not dwell on the situation that you have placed yourself into; it is essentially your choice, a choice which you have made and one that it would seem you will follow through to its bitter and heartbreaking end.

    I implore the tabloid journalist to take heed of this warning please do not follow them and make light of the downfall that they have developed for themselves, by all means tell us about them, but what we don’t need is a full front page of A3 grandeur showing what they have done to themselves…

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