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    a. 1. Delaying.
    2. Drawn out in time; remaining long; protracted; as, a lingering disease.

    To die is the fate of man; but to die with lingering anguish is generally his folly.


    I have to agree that the witticism above marvellous and completely just. I tend to lean toward ideas which are for the most part either justified or controversial, I would concur can that this can be directly related to my ideas as an atheist, a cynic, and male; I must add a rather sensitive one at that.

    I believe that my cynicism is a contributory factor which adds up to make me even grumpier daily. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the normal folly which we are subjected to in daily life, it’s more that the follies in which I find my enjoyment differ to that of a normal person; I hasten to add that I use the term “normal” loosely and that the term “normal” should not really be used at all; as it is a fact of life that we’re all “normal” in our own way, one persons “normal” may be another’s “abnormal”.

    Of course as someone who believes in an objective opinion I believe that you should have the right to think, believe and hope to be whatever you may like. It is an important and much un-debated topic and I think that it should be approached with an open mind and a free will.

    As today is a Saturday and indeed it is the first Saturday of the joyous month of February; I will indeed be a grumpier oaf than the one that I usually am. My work is not something I have touched upon on this blog, but worry not; dear reader, the grumpiness is about to begin!

    I find it hard; at the moment to understand how certain people endure a vast chasm of benefits compared with another. It seems that especially in working lives, we all have a different standard of what is deemed to be fair. I believe that each man should be treated equally this of course is a inherently communist view and we all know that communism doesn’t work, Russia is a case in point.

    In my line of work; which I will briefly explain; it is vastly a capitalist society; not just employee based but also the companies which we work with. I must explain what I do; my work consists and is based around independence. We supply, monitor and install what is known as Telecare equipment for the elderly, infirm or disabled.

    It’s a non discriminatory service. We work with; on a daily basis a large multi-national company, I won’t name this company but what they do is verging upon capitalism.

    They have over the past five years consistently crushed every single organisation that has got in their way, good business sense but morally objectionable. What irritates me is that often a monopoly ruins a perfectly good market and this is what this company has done. At one time the Telecare market was alive with new developments and technologies but the oligopoly it was has turned to monopoly and this can’t be good. It angers me. I’m angry enough but this is new level of annoyance, and it really doesn’t help when they get my name wrong, I swear one day I’ll have a name tag…

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