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    A scathing review?

    I’m generally not one for publicly belittling something which I have actively promoted, but as ever life is proved to be more complex than first thought and this is the complication which brings me into the following.

    On Thursday I went to see Our House the Madness Musical at the Birmingham Rep, don’t get me wrong I do love the show, but in my eyes the Rep have made some rather awful selections in their casting for Our House this time around.

    When the original was produced in the west end it also receivied a mixed bag of reviews from the Journos; something which is not unusual, you have to take into account that Our House is a new musical, and as such a difficult thing to be acclaimed over, but never-the-less the perseverance payed off and the show won awards, for its writing, cast and design, and also a Guinness World Record; (something which I actively thrown into every article I write about the show.)

    The minor cast is not the problem; its the billboard advertised “stars” which cause me the most concern. I don’t which to cause them any downheartedness but they really need to rehearse. Steve Brookstein; currently playing day in the Rep production is in a word, disappointing. I don’t doubt that he is a good singer, infact he isn’t actually that bad a singer in his own right, but the problem with Steve is that he is not an actor; and as most theatre goers will be aware there is a big difference and a very hard cross over from either singer to actor or indeed television to theatre.

    I’m the type who will give someone a go, give them a chance and hope for the best, this was my idea of what to do with Steve; he didn’t deserve the chance. It is in theatre; a cardinal sin to dry aka forget your lines; but Steve did and in spectacular fashion. During a solo song in Act I Mr. Brookstein sauntered on to stage and began to sing what should be an emotional and touching song, but lo and behold he forgets the entire second verse, seemingly trying to cover he mumbles some words, and then remembers the song just in time to end with a flourish. I was not impressed. I mean you expect a production to be well rehearsed and for the actors to know what they are doing, and especially as Steve was billed and shown on all the advertising its a shame that he evidently didn’t think that rehearsal is worth a jot.

    But oh well the show must go on and go on it did, in great fashion the rest of the cast minus Gwyneth Strong were fantastic and Chris Carswell playing showing was fantastic.

    Everyone should still see it. Its one not to be missed!

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