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    Tim Minchin – Glee Club, Birmingham…

    I have to say firstly that I have been an avid fan of Tim Minchin for some time.  His comedy stilling is reminiscent of Bill Bailey, but a lot deeper and ultimately more intelligent.

    He caresses language intelligently and to the point and his songs though often jovial are unique and hilarious, smattered with meaning and sometimes deep.  As a comic his intelligence shines through his jokes, and he can make anything heavy or depressing funny, Tim is certainly not one to miss.

    Tim Minchin - Are you ready for this?

    Tim Minchin - Are you ready for this?

    Are you ready for this?

    I certainly wasn’t, having seen So Rock, I was expecting a similar show, but Minchin proved me wrong.  If you’re expecting his performance to be a repeat of songs and jokes, clear your mind and expect the unexpected as is ever the case with Tim.

    Tim seems to have turned a corner toward more traditional stand-up, showing more interaction with the audience which makes the show feel more exciting and unique.  In a venue such as Glee, Birmingham, you really feel as though Minchin is at home, flitting between eloquently written songs and stunning jibes and jeers toward common issues.

    If you can, and if he’s on near you, get along to see him as soon as you can, you’re sure to have fun, but remember if you’re Phil Daoust there’s something special in this show just for you.

    Additionally Tim currently has a DVD ; So F**king Rock, which is exclusive to HMV also, you can nip onto his website: http://www.timminchin.com

    Image above used from http://www.timminchin.com/ – All Rights Reserved.

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