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    Ni-MH? I dunno…

    Never ever ask a Saturday shopping assistant if they sell Ni-MH batteries, they won’t have a clue what your talking about they’ll most likely thing your trying to get them involved in some weird sex game.

    Gone are the times that everyone in a shop who worked there new what their products did and how much they were but now, Jesus it’s so hard to find a product that might pertain to be a little bit specialist.  Undoubtedly the worst example of poor customer service is PC World; (that’s a shop, not a police officer).  I had to get some batteries for my brand spanking new Wii control charging arrangment, it just so happens that the best batteries to buy are Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries and they are a little bit of a specialist tool, they’re high drain so they longer, you can see Ni-MH batteries in lots of things the chances are that your phone has one, although they’re shit unless they’ve been power cycled properly something which I’m not going to explain here as it’s dull as hell and you really don’t need to hear about it.


    Being the industrious and free-thinking person that I am I assumed that PC World would stock the said batteries after all they’re in common use in Digital Cameras, I asked a lovely looking girl whom I thought might know if they stocked them surfice to say that after ten minutes of repeating what I wanted I didn’t get a difinitive answer and they she asked her manager! For Fucks Sake! What are you retarted!

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