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    Celebrities and Twitter ²…

    It’s come to this again.  It’s come to the fact that I feel compelled again to write yet another post about “celebrites” on Twitter.  If you have been living in a hole and don’t know what Twitter is, I’ll give you a very brief overview of the idea behind it.

    Twitter is a micro-blogging website.  This site that your at right now is a blog.  It’s personal to me and that’s what Twitter is.  It’s there for you to update, to broadcast and to inform people so that they know what you are doing or what you’re thinking or just to enlighten people.

    Celebs have missed the point of it.  It’s becoming shameless promotion, a tool for celebs so that they can get something back, mainly admiration.  It’s nice to have people following your updates but when people are following celebs because they are just that is not what Twitter is about.

    Lets hope this changes before it goes to far.

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