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    Derek Acorah – Famous Pet Pyschic…?

    I like it when you stumble on something so potentially disastrous that you can’t let go of it and you feel the need to watch the entire thing.  This is the way that I’m struck with Derek Acorah formally of Most Haunted; which is I must admit one of the most entertaining programmes that has ever been produced, not because it pertains to be serious but because it’s glaringly obvious that most of it, if not all of it is faked.  I love silly things and most of all I love to rip the piss out of something, maybe it’s a British trait that we’re incredibly good at laughing at ourselves and that we understand irony and sarcasm.

    I’ve been watching Acroah’s programme and I’m in fits of laughter. He really does take himself and his “talents” very seriously, with his spirit guide Sam; apparently a Cherokee Indian. Yes, we know he’s a cold reader, but its fucking funny to see him run about the studio and ask the audience “fishing” questions. I think I’ll apply to be in the audience and foil his dastardly plan, by just answering yes to everything he’ll think he’s hit the jackpot.

    Acorah: Have you had a woman in you life called Jessica?

    Me: Yes.

    Acorah: Did she die?

    Me: Yes.

    Acorah: Was she a clown?

    Me: Yes.

    Acorah: I’m brilliant…

    Me: Ye.. (No, I couldn’t take it that far!)

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