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    People are too senstive

    There I said it.  People are too sensitive.  The internet is a great place for discussion, chat and also promotion, and yes I will admit that’s what I use it for most.  Since I started this blog I’ve been non-actively partaking in self promotion most of it via Twitter.

    You see I don’t promote this blog at all and the footfall of hits comes mainly through Google searches and also via searches done on the social network site Twitter.  For my purposes it’s ideal, I don’t particularly care if you want to follow me either here or on Twitter, this website would still exist even if Twitter didn’t.

    I have a problem with people being sensitive online, yes we have feelings and words can hurt but I have never set out to actively upset anyone online.  What’s the point? There isn’t one.  If you read the About the Rant page written when this website was first built, it says that I will not apologise for my comments, and I stand by that.  I don’t think people get the whole idea of free speech, promotion and being able to say what ever you want and that really annoys me.

    I have made some great friends via the internet and they’re lovely people, it just irritates me that people get extremely het up over the most trivial of events.  Personally I bowed out of this website for a period for personal and legal reasons.

    You see when you write an edgy article that berates someone, you have to expect some comeback from it, but alas, it has never been the intention of this website to cause ructions between people and if it has I will apologise for that, there’s a difference in writing something upsetting and writing something edgy.  It’s a fine line but I’ve always attempted to do it well.  You will find that a lot of what I write is written from an almost comical point of view, and the if that causes offence there is nothing I can do.

    It’s not about upsetting people, that’s not the intention, it’s about writing from my point of view and if you want to read it feel free otherwise, I’m not keeping you here, you have to remember that I invest a lot of time in this and other websites I run and I do it because I enjoy it, not because I have to.

    I would just like for once, to have a nice simple day where people don’t fly off the hook at the merest thing.

    Maybe I’m in the wrong business if it’s starting to get me?

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