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    To Mask or Not to Mask?

    In case you don’t live in the England, and the likely-hood is that if you are reading this you do, there are some changes on the horizon next week which could potentially change the direction of the pandemic. The changes that are being considered by England’s Government essentially handover the responsibility to protect others to the individual, rather than making it policy and law to wear a mask in a public place. Now, there is a balance here that needs to be struck, however there is a statistical and medical evidence that proves the link between transmission of viruses and wearing a mask.

    Wearing a mask doesn’t just protect you, in-fact, the protection for others is what the wearing of a mask does.

    So what will you do when the so-called Freedom Day comes? Will you protect others or will you be selfish and not wear a mask because it removes your freedom of choice? In my opinion, if wearing a mask makes you feel like you are loosing your freedom of choice, then you really need to examine your life choices because protecting others should be at the top of your list as a human and a citizen.

    I will continue to wear my mask and social distance because even the slightest thought of harming someone else is abhorrent.

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