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    Anger Levels

     Created at 0:16 on December 12th, 2007 by Mr. Rant. 

    Well, this is to be an explanation of the Anger Level Catagorisation which appears on these pages.

    The Anger Levels range from One to Five and can be interpreted as follows;

    Anger Level One –

    This is the feeling you get when you miss the bus, its a mild frustration but nothing serious and be overcome with a Cigarette or a quick burst of vocal anger. 

    Anger Level Two –

    I would describe this one as the feeling you get when you cannot get your brand of Cigarettes or you’re late and you can’t make up the time, easily solvable; Chain Smoke two Cigarettes or Scream “Oh Fucking Hell”. 

    Anger Level Three –

    This one is the feeling you get when you are Pissed Off especially definable as; “I want to punch the person in-front of me, in the queue” because; a). They’re slow when walking in crowds, b). They waver all over the pavement and won’t walk in a straight line, or c). The Person in-front of me really is a dimwitted, slow oaf who should be murdered and buried at sea so the mere sight of they’re gravestone doesn’t aggravate me.  You can solve this by thinking to yourself, I am a better person than them and you more-than-likely are. 

    Anger Level Four –

    Level Four is evident especially at Christmas, Tempers flare and you get the taste for blood or at other times of the year a cause can be. a). Too many people on a train at rush hour, standing in the doorway, or as often the situation is; someone’s bag is ocupying a seat which would be better suited to your rear end.  b). Kathie on Till Number Four has just informed you that your Credit Card has been declined and that you cannot take your purchases unless you supply an alternative payment method.  You immediately want to punch her but you stay calm as the steam comes out of your ears.  Solved by; Smoking, Screaming, or if you are me you have a tantrum. 

    Anger Level Five –

    The highest of the Five anger levels.  This one is reserved for when you cannot keep your anger in, and you need to express it, for example; You arrive at the train station and buy a ticket, while purchasing your ticket you miss your train, thats bad enough but its only a Level One, but to make the situation worse, once you are on the train which arrived late as luck would be it, it is exceptionally busy and there are bags ocupying seats, once you are off the train you realise that you have left your bag on the train and stand no chance of getting it back, these are some situations put together which would create a Level Five; The Solution…. Start Writing a blog…

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