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    I’m fed up..

     Posted in Anger Level 2 at 18:02 on Saturday, February 21st, 2009 by Mr. Rant

    Of weekends being full of nothing.  It starts to get a bit annoying after a while when you have to constantly try and fill your time with something.  Most of the time I spend the weekend shouting at people when I’m out because they piss me off.

    You wouldn’t believe how annoying people can get when they work in a shop and have no idea what they sell!

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    Vile Moods…

     Posted in Anger Level 2 at 6:15 on Thursday, January 8th, 2009 by Mr. Rant

    I seem to be having vile mood swings at the moment, this could be coupled with the lack of smoking, but I doubt it seeing as that only lasted a day.  My reasoning for starting again is that having a new years resolution is vaguely religious and being an atheist I should not endorse such fanciful endeavours.  I did try to quit, it just didn’t last, well it only lasted about twelve hours but the intention was there, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    It seems to be that my being vile has no connection to anything.  Although maybe I’m blind sided into not seeing why my moods are worsening.  In depth self-psychoanalysis was never my strong point but I do make a lovely cup of tea; but I do put the milk in first so if you want one, you will have to put with that.

    It’s been a funny start to two-thousand and nine, what with the credit crunch and the major chaos on the trains and also the ensuing tension in Gaza; but alas at least the year can only get better.

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    It really annoys me when….

     Posted in Anger Level 2 at 11:20 on Wednesday, December 12th, 2007 by Mr. Rant


    tr.v., -annoyed, -noy·ing, -noys.

    1. To cause slight irritation to (another) by troublesome, often repeated acts.
    2. Archaic. To harass or disturb by repeated attacks. 

    As you may have noticed I am generally annoyed by many things in life, but some just take the biscuit and some you have to experience daily, in turn we learn to live with these annoyances.  It’s easier that way. However, when you are in a queue as i was about fifteen minutes ago sometimes it’s hard to not speak your mind and tell these morons where to go. 

     Picture the scene…

    We’re standing in a shop, waiting patiently like good little cattle, when all of a sudden a woman of a certain age comes along and looks as though she is about to push in line, which I have been waiting in for several minutes (several being more than the acceptable two or three).  I wait, look ahead and think she is going to push in, I wonder if I could piss her off and do it to her next time she is waiting in line? Of course I continue to stand there in that line waiting for my turn with the cashier.  I egde forward, waiting with baited breath.  The woman moves forward more, I resist the temptation to scream out;

    “Move it, woman, you’re getting in the way. In-fact that is not the point, I’m next!”

    I reserve my opinion and it’s time for me to be served.  I walk forward to the till, and with my forward motion the woman says;

    “Go ahead love, your next”

    I must state that she said it with no malice and it could not be interpreted in any other way other than that she is stating the obvious. 

    “Of course I know I’m next I’ve been standing here waiting for a several minutes, you moron!”

    However, I don’t say the above, instead I smile politely and the inevitable comes out of mouth;

    “Thank you”

    It really is an issue which is more evident daily, I’m polite, conscious of others and I wouldn’t dream of interjecting with a ungracious;

    “Fuck off” or More likely “Fuck you”

     The reason that I would not do this?

    I’m British.  I mean I’m proud to be British, but bloody hell why can’t I just speak my mind? If I was American or French I would of been straight in there, with a meaningful;

    “Fuck you bitch” An exact Americanisation, or the rather more romantic;

    “Vous baiser” The French alternative.

     So the sum total of my anger today is focused around the innocuous fact that I cannot ever express my feelings…

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      Written By Mr. Rant.