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    Guess what… It’s raining…

     Posted in Gripes & Annoyances & Public Information at 23:01 on Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 by Mr. Rant

    Global warming.

    More like global wetness or global sogginess.  The past three weeks have seen the wettest on record for the UK, we’ve had strong wind (not just after the sprouts), heavy rain, and trees frequently being blown over, so if you haven’t been blown to oblivion yet, let’s hope it is coming to an end soon.  It doesn’t look like it is.  I think we need to, however just calm down a little about the recent semi-extreme weather.

    Let me explain, indulge me for a moment.

    As a human, living in England, we have a tendency to over estimate the effect of weather on us.  It’s not that we over exaggerate the weather, we just don’t seem to be able to cope with it.  We seem to have this inability to cope when we have a storm or rather unexpected deluges which admittedly have led to me starting to build an ark, but alas, has it really been that bad?

    It has for some, some poor fellows have had all they own washed away.  Now, you’d think that they would be in receipt of some form of benefit or help from the government.  No.  They have had nothing, and yet we send over millions of pounds worth of aid to far away civilisations to help them after a natural disaster. Lets not start to imagine that I am trying to play down the awful things that have happened around the world, but I would like to see some help for people here, after all they are in need of some aid too.

    I often close these posts with a question and yet again I am going to do it.  Should we now, give some aid to those who need it here?

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      Written By Mr. Rant.

    It just gets earlier every year….

     Posted in Anger Level 3 & Gripes & Annoyances at 10:36 on Monday, October 22nd, 2012 by Mr. Rant

    We’re getting near to that time of year, we frankly we all start to go a bit mad. It’s October, and granted yes, its towards the end of the month, however, we’ve hit that point already where we are forced to endure the advertising that signals the beginning of the silly season. The time of year where people become nothing more than sheep, to be chased and herded into position, so that some powerful business/person can take the money that you’ve worked so hard for, and keep it for their own.

    I should note, that today is the first day of the October half term and boy does it show, the roads are quieter, the phone rings less and I can only guess that all the people with children are unable to work, and they’ve taken the week off to be with their children, those children that make everywhere busy, and those children who get in my way. A purely selfish moan. Alas, I am allowed to moan about my plight when it comes to those tiny feet that inter-tangle with my size 12 feet, and yes, before you ask; I do apologise, I am sorry that I trod on your foot and made you teary, but you really shouldn’t have got in my way.

    Of course, once the child is teary – incidentally before I continue I am aware that there is a undertone in this post, of the child hating. This in-fact is not true, I don’t hate them all, there is a one-percent tolerance when it comes to children, they’re not all bad, just most… I endure the wrath of the parent, the parent whose entire mental capacity is seemingly absorbed by the child, and is incapable of rational or even un-rational thought, they’re just focussed on preventing their little darling from running away, well they don’t do a fantastic job when it comes to corralling their sprog.

    “Timmy, stop there. No, Timmy, I said wait, you can have the biscuit lat.. No, you can’t have it now, you have to wait. Just wait, thirty seconds is all I ask, Come back Timmy! Come back now! OH GOD” – Said the mother whose child has slipped her grasp, sometimes those reins you see attached to young offspring’s back, begin to sound like a good idea. Yes, it’s tantamount to torture, but if it controls little Timmy and stops him from legging it, I’m all for it.

    So as we progress into that time of year where self control is less evident and virtually non existent the parents of little Timmy be rest assured that we, the childless, don’t wish to tread on your child, and just ask one thing, a little control, and some well earned silence.

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      Written By Mr. Rant.

    What a load of old vat…

     Posted in Anger Level 4 & Gripes & Annoyances at 19:10 on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 by Mr. Rant

    Today is the 4th January 2010, but it’s not just a normal Tuesday.  Today is Vat increase day, which means things will be three percent more expensive than before or does it?

    Well for  a start we all know that the usual tax increase products will have some added; for those not in the know that’s: Fuel, Tabacco and Alcohol.  The last two causing particular concern amongst those at Rant Towers, but what else will the Vat increase hit?

    Vat on the rise...

    Vat on the rise...

    In our research it’s pretty much everything from a loaf of bread, right through to a widescreen telly, you will shortly see the cost of everything marginally increase and life get just that little bit more expensive.

    Can we afford it?

    For most we still struggle a little bit more, that three percent actually works out to around £590 year on average, which in anyones books is a big chunk of a salary (except those running the country, eighteen of the current cabinet and front benchers each have massive personal fortunes: Fact.) so what to do? To be quite honest we don’t know.  It’s a brand new world out there and we have to hope that the retailers get into some competition with each for who is the cheapest and who can get the most business, not excellent for them but good for us.

    Time will tell if this country’s retailers survive after the Vat increase.  In the back of my mind there’s a sly hope that it fails and it’s proven that we’re spending less, we need to teach the current government a lesson and prove to them that what they’re doing isn’t going to work.

    So we shall have to wait it out, but in the mean time with all the increases remember it’s only the 4th January and alread 2011 has gone to pot!

    Happy New Year!

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      Written By Mr. Rant.

    Funny How…

     Posted in Gripes & Annoyances & The Blog at 11:52 on Thursday, February 5th, 2009 by Kris

    I’m currently sitting in Starbucks, Birmingham, which one you may ask and I’ll tell you, at this present second, I’m plonked in front of my laptop typing this very blog post. However, I’m not writing it in the usual manner which would be to log directly onto WordPress and tip-tap away there and then and it would be uploaded immediately. I am, at the moment typing this into Microsoft Word. The reason behind this is that the T-Mobile cloud I usually use has gone down and I’m not able to connect to it or the BT OpenZone cloud. Both Services or maybe its my laptop but both don’t seem to want to work. It may have something to do with my Windows 7 antics and that Windows 7 is inherently security conscious and doesn’t let you connect to any kind of open WiFi network. At present, how to fix this issue eludes me.

    So I’m being forced to blog the old fashioned way that a journalist would, and then I’ll upload it when I’m home which is a bit of an arse as you can imagine. I like to be able to check my emails and make sure I’m up to date with whatever is going on in the world at this very second; it would seem that the Digital age which is so vastly complex sometimes it just can’t cope. Maybe it’s to do with the snow, you never know. It makes me realise how much I rely upon the infrastructure that is in place in so many places these days which allows a remote connection to the internet, and conversely a connection through to my house via my desktop pc which is acting as a server for network access. The very same pc is providing the host for the webcam, and periodically uploading an image to this website for you all to enjoy. It’s a complex web of cables at home right now as the server whirrs away attempting to provide me with a WAN connection. If I had an active internet connection right now I could connect and drop a copy of this file directly on to my pc.

    I’ve just remembered that I do have an active internet connection hence how you’re reading this before I’m back home.

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      Written By Kris.

    I’m a miserable person who has no soul…

     Posted in Gripes & Annoyances at 15:30 on Friday, January 23rd, 2009 by Kris

    Apprently according to my work colleagues I’m cold hearted, miserable, mean and uncaring.

    For what reason was I branded the above?

    I didn’t make a cup of coffee.

    Yes, no coffee equals a personal and (maybe) unjustified attack. Apprently putting me in the same catagory as let’s say; George Bush or Margaret Thatcher; in my eyes is not entirely justified.

    I haven’t sacked thousands of miner or started a war which was unfounded. I have simply forgone my obligations as cheif tea whip and created a thristy troop.

    This is not why I’m miserable there’s other reasons for that.

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      Written By Kris.

    Seven Days Until Christmas…

     Posted in Gripes & Annoyances at 0:53 on Thursday, December 18th, 2008 by Mr. Rant

    It’s only a week until Christmas now, I’ve nearly done all my shopping which is incredibly unusual for me, every other year I’ve left it until the last moment.

    I ventured into town today to have a look around, I still have some things to buy for people.

    I’m eternally frustrated by all the shoppers at Christmastime, why do you have to wonder around, jab me in the arms and the worst of all hold a mince pie in your hand while you do it?

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      Written By Mr. Rant.