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    Seventy-Two days…

     Posted in Anger Level 3 & Gripes & Annoyances & Public Information at 17:18 on Friday, October 17th, 2008 by Kris

    Worrying as it is, there’s only seventy-two days until the dreaded day, more worrying is that I’ve been offered an overtime shift for December it really isn’t that long away.

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      Written By Kris.


     Posted in Gripes & Annoyances at 3:15 on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008 by Mr. Rant


    v., -grad•ed, -grad•ing, -grades.
    1. To raise to a higher grade or standard: upgrading their military defences.
    2. To improve the quality of (livestock) by selective breeding for desired characteristics.
    3. Computer Science.
    a. To replace (a software program) with a more recently released, enhanced version.
    b. To replace (a hardware device) with one that provides better performance.
    1. To exchange a possession for one of greater value or quality; trade up.
    2. Computer Science. To replace software or hardware with an upgrade.
    1. The act or an instance of upgrading.
    2. Computer Science.
    a. A software program that provides added enhancements over an earlier version.
    b. A hardware device that provides greater performance than an earlier model.
    3. An upward incline.
    adv. & adj.

    I should add that for the most part an upgrade is an essential and inherent part of life, whether it forms a part of a new step towards a goal or if it is simply to make life that tiny bit easier. In the immortal fashion to which we; as Homo-sapiens follow, we must upgrade, re-write and reconsider our position constantly and it is that fact that can make life difficult. We must re-write our path in life, for as we know; it is not written before us, we make our own destiny and make our own way in life.
    But, as ever I digress and my better senses tell me that the poetic shite above is boring to read. I hate it that I can write elegantly but get so distracted that my pretentious drivel is a frustration to both myself and the subscriber. I am aware it is horrid but I will continue to write my pretentious drivel as I have coined it.

    People seem to enjoy my writings.

    This is good.

    Well done for sticking with the most inconsistent blogger on the internet.

    A particular vein of annoyance of mine at the moment is with the state of the world in general. In general, that’s right, in general. I enforce the “in general” as there remain fifteen thousand things which annoy me. I will list them all one day and you will die of boredom as they are minor and insignificant. It is two-thousand and eight, a new year, we’re 21 days in. Already two-thousand and eight has begun with a bang as we continue to watch the housing market crash; the American financial system fail and the trains not get any better! I had entered two-thousand and eight with a vague impression that things in the world of Mr. Rant might improve, they haven’t. Mr. Rant is still miserable about trains, tax, and people not walking straight.

    So a new year and a new start that’s what it is for. I agree that you should in principle make resolutions, but in practice they’re a pointless waste of time. I believe that people make them to break them. This year already I have succeeded in my resolution to break every resolution I make. I had planned to attempt to become a little more cheery but this hasn’t worked, in essence it’s been a complete failure. I promised myself that I wouldn’t moan when Mrs. Cheery says “hello!” in that strikingly horrible voice, high-pitched which dogs can only hear, or that I wouldn’t complain when I’m taxed a massive amount or when people ask me for a spare cigarette!

    There is no such thing.

    A spare fag?

    There is no such thing!

    It needed to be repeated it that’s ridiculous! But I’ve failed again! I had planned to blog more often but it’s the age old excuse/problem of having a busy life and not enough time to do it. I will be writing this blog, even though I moan so persistently about it, I do enjoy it wholeheartedly. So you will be able to read my feelings more regularly or at least I hope so.

    Once again I’ve wondered off-topic. Did you notice? I’ve recently installed the latest version of WordPress, I haven’t noticed any changes I guess they’re all coding updates, hidden deep inside SQL land, a land which to a certain extent I don’t understand. It seems to be more stable however and it works so I’m not complaining… yet.

    I have now the most advanced system for blogging in the known universe. (Disclaimer: WordPress’ Tagline not mine.)
    I look forward to the next moan, I mean blog…

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      Written By Mr. Rant.

    Silly Season…

     Posted in Gripes & Annoyances & Thoughts on Things... at 21:47 on Thursday, January 10th, 2008 by Mr. Rant

    At long last, and I emphasise the long, the silly season which we affectionately call Christmas is over. Thank Fuck. It’s not that I’m mean spirited or that I dislike receiving presents which; I will most likely never use.
    It’s deeper than this.

    I have not a clue where it stems from or where the feeling is rooted that this year 2008, I have not enjoyed Christmas. It has been tedious, tiring and down right hard.

    Christmas Eve

    As is customary for me at Christmas I venture into town, I don’t know why. I moan enough that town is busy the rest of the year but for some unknown reason I choose quite possibly the busiest day in the year to explore the riches which are Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre; a place which I despise not just for its tacky over-rated and downright ruining architecture also for it’s inane stupidity and useless design.

    I have never seen the point of making the pathways into and from the Bullring so narrow that only about three people can pass through at any one time. For a start this is surely a fire hazard, so excuse me while I pop on my safety hat. (It’s red and has a big yellow “S” on the front; you can often see me using it in conjunction with my high-horse).
    I believe that when you design a building it should have ample access to and from the building, am I distorted in this view? Some would say that I am, but I believe in this view, and after all, you are allowed to say what you want!
    So as my tangent has diminished now, I shall continue.

    Christmas Day

    In it’s usual fashion Christmas day ran in its most annoying of veins.  My only salvation is that its over just as soon as it begins and that i can finally remove the snow flakes from my blog.  I won’t dwell on Christmas day to much there isn’t a lot to say about it except that it came and went without a fuss. 

    Christmas this year was unique i haven’t really experienced one like it before, it was a non event…. which was weird.

    Update Status: Never Updated.

      Written By Mr. Rant.

    The Appliance of Insanity…

     Posted in Gripes & Annoyances at 20:18 on Friday, December 14th, 2007 by Mr. Rant


    n., pl. -ties.

    1. Mental illness or derangement. No longer in scientific use.
    2. Law.
      1. Unsoundness of mind sufficient in the judgment of a civil court to render a person unfit to maintain a contractual or other legal relationship or to warrant commitment to a mental health facility.
      2. In most criminal jurisdictions, a degree of mental malfunctioning sufficient to relieve the accused of legal responsibility for the act committed.
      1. Extreme foolishness; folly.
      2. Something that is extremely foolish.

    Why must I be subjected to a constant onslaught of Stupidity from people around Christmastime! I appreciate that you all have ISS and cannot stop yourselves from getting in the way of people who wish to progress further and faster than yourselves, but why can’t you understand that I don’t want to;

    1. You to get in my way, it annoys me at the best of times and I’d rather eat my own leg ( NB; not the right one I quite like it, and have began to feel its a rather integral part of me).
    2. I do not wish to see you eat.  Keep your mouth closed, you like a hippo with your slack-jawed, open-mouthed expression.  (NB; The motion of the food in your mouth is stomach-churning, excuse me while I vomit on your shoes).
    3. I don’t like you when you’re drunk; in-fact I dislike you more.  You are stupid, your breath smells and you have added to your inability to walk straight even more through the application of alcohol. 

    These are just three reasons why I dislike you and why you exacerbate my misanthrope further. 

    I, as many other humans do, choose the people with whom I like to associate with, therefore I do not wish for you to grab me in the street and offer me the chance to partake in a “Stress Survey” or that you wish for me to discover how I can “De-stress My Life”; for a start there are two things which you are categorically causing to me in that instant;

    1. Stress – As you may have noticed I have travelled into to town for a purpose.  That purpose is and will remain not be stopped by you; Mr. Clipboard, my suggestion: let me on my way and I will thank you for it. 
    2. Wasting My Time – By stopping me you have; prevented me from progressing in my aim to shop, I already dislike it and you are making it an even worse task.  

    But the problem is; you cannot just walk past, you have to say something.  There is the downfall.  You have to be polite; you nod, say “No Thanks” and walk away.  Why can’t I just walk past? Why am I instantly drawn to make an appology?  An appology which is wholehearted and sincere. 

    Therein lies my downfall…

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      Written By Mr. Rant.