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    It’s all a load of rubbish… (Really)

     Posted in An Objective Opinion & Anger Level 4 & Politics at 16:15 on Monday, January 3rd, 2011 by Mr. Rant

    A healthy start to 2011 you said, a brand new year you muttered, but nothing has really changed has it?

    It definitely hasn’t in Birmingham.

    We seem to have stepped back in time to the mid seventies and began our very own local winter of discontent. You see, our rubbish hasn’t been collected in nearly three weeks now, and would you have guessed that it’s all due to pay decreases causing strikes by the Bin Men – sorry Refuse Collectors here?

    Uncollected Rubbish

    Uncollected Rubbish

    Sound familiar? Well it should, we’ve been here before, many a time and once again the Bin Men – ugh Refuse Collectors are holding us to ransom by attempting to force their hand. Annoying? Yes. Wrong? Unfortunately not for Birmingham City Council. I’m actually with the Bin Men, Er dammit Refuse Collectors on this one. I believe strongly that you should fight to keep what you have and if that’s a job paying good money for a manual work then you should do it, shout it from the rooftops and make everyone aware of the semi-political quandary you’ve been placed in.

    However, (wait for it, the slightly edgy part is coming) when you earn about twice as much as the average worker, and are payed by public taxes (in this case council tax) should you be moaning that much? I figure that it would be a far worse situation if the local government turned around and sacked you because you cost too much to employ as is likely to happen with my job. So stop moaning? Is that a better option than losing you’re job altogether? Call me cynical (You’re cynical – Thanks) but who has the right to actively annoy the wider community?

    I’d like nothing more than to have my rubbish collected in line with the promises from the Council, Can you manage that? Just this once…

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    Shut your stupid mouth..

     Posted in An Objective Opinion & Public Information at 18:13 on Sunday, January 25th, 2009 by Mr. Rant

    Is what I would like to say to grammar Nazis that lurk around public forums on the internet.  if you’ve been following my bloggings you will realise that I am part of a Political forum, the link for said forum is on this very page.  I tend to hide on these forums and only write something when I deem that a point has not been put across.

    I’m generally not aggressive unless you’re wrong.  No, that’s a bit strong, I’m never aggressive… much.  I’m assured that my opinion is welcomed and maybe even agreed with and we’re all human and make mistakes in our text based lives.  I am however aggravated by you Mr. Grammar and you Mrs. Comma in the Wrong Place.

    I think we all have a right to free speech and as long as you can read it there isn’t a problem or is there?

    I’ll leave that for you dear reader to decide.

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    Santa’s fucking dead!

     Posted in An Objective Opinion & Funnies at 16:12 on Sunday, December 7th, 2008 by Mr. Rant

    It says a lot when Christmas falls into a strange category of mild disappointment.  This week has seen two Lapland adventure parks close in spectacular fashion.  Christmas is supposed to be a time of magic if not for the adults but at least for the kids.

    Things have seemingly gone awry with certain aspects of these so called Laplands.  I tend to wonder what people were thinking as they booked their tickets for the Magical Adventure of Lapland in Dorset.

    Dorset come on….

    Dorset; Our own Lapland?

    Dorset; Our own Lapland?

    There’s not a lot that’s Christmasy about Dorset, but alas the adverts confirmed that indeed a field would become a magical land which would encompass the entire spirit of the season, full of snow and jolly Eskimos singing fabled songs to draw out the time between queueing for the Ice Rink and to meet the man himself, not Jesus, but Santa; the true reason for which Christmas exists.

    At anything up to thirty pounds the cost to enter this land is expensive at best, and when you see the reports of what the site looked like, you really see that a little magical design has been put into place on the website for these events.

    I think if I was a kid these days I’d be a bit disappointed if I went to a so called Lapland and there was a haggard women screaming outside the gate;

    “Santa’s gone home… SANTA IS FUCKING DEAD”

    This would put you off a bit.

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      Written By Mr. Rant.

    I think I’m getting old…

     Posted in An Objective Opinion & Thoughts on Things... at 1:02 on Monday, October 20th, 2008 by Mr. Rant

    There comes a point when you have the stark realisation that you are getting older; sometimes this might be that you need glasses, or that you find it harder and harder to get up in the morning (a problem I’ve always had).

    Today I was perusing a magazine, you know the type you get free in The Sun; promoting some kind of essential product to help you live your life better, one such product always stuck in my mind, it just so happened that this was a magazine based for the older people in society and the product was a monument cleaner.  The inscription clearly read:

    “Monuments look lovely when their new, but over time they degrade and begin to loose their sparkle, with our fantastic monument cleaner you can give your relatives or departed the end they’ll like”

    I think I might buy some, wait what am I saying nobody should want that.  However some of the products in such magazines are indifferent, this being the case with the monument cleaner a stupendously obsurd product which is gauranteed to be a best seller, I think you must be mad to want it, but somehow you do.  Thats the selling point of these articles.

    The magazine I was leisurely flicking through was one which was entirely about Christmas, and dare I say it, we all know its not that far away now.  As you may well know, I for one am not that overly enthused about christmas infact most of the time I’m thoroughly sick of it, but there is a certain excitement that comes from knowing its just around the corner and that you can once again enjoy the frivolities that are a kin to the season.

    For me this manifests itself in the knowledge that Birmingham Franfurter Market is a mere few weeks away, this year starting on November 13th.  I’ve always loved the German Market, it’s a culture change for Birmingham and lets you see how other countries celebrate Christmas.  Look it’s not that I dislike Christmas, well it is, but that’s not the point, its the culture of it in this country that gets my goat.

    Yes, you can celebrate it how you want but at least spend some time and effort into the things you buy for others, in the magazine there were such things as; a CD player with a faux mohogony finish or a personalised ironing board cover, enough to warm the cockles or anyones heart.  These items are tacky, yes they may be cheaper than other things but who really wants a paper from the day they were born.

    Me, that’s who, so please dear reader before I buy one for myself get me one, and then shall my life be truly complete.

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    Birmingham, we’re not thick honest…

     Posted in An Objective Opinion & Thoughts on Things... at 13:51 on Sunday, August 17th, 2008 by Mr. Rant

    I think you can safely say that Birmingham does not know where it is at the moment, what with this weeks problems over stock pictures that most certainly is the case! I mean how do you get to the point where the city’s own council has no idea where it is.

    I mean I live in Birmingham i definitely know where it is, I’m sure i do!

    Below is the offending leaflet.

    Sorry B'ham get a better designer!

    Sorry B'ham get a better designer!

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      Written By Mr. Rant.

    Roller Toaster, Controlled Chaos and Tax

     Posted in An Objective Opinion & Thoughts on Things... at 5:05 on Thursday, April 10th, 2008 by Mr. Rant

    The above are several events this week which have opened my eyes to the healthy* world in which we live. This week has been once which has been fraught with arson, arresting situations and crime. I point directly to the following;


    In the news this week it has been widely reported that the Oldest Wooden Roller Coaster in the UK and maybe even the world affectionately known as The Scenic Railway has been damaged by a fire destroying maybe around 25% of the total structure, this may seem to most as not much of a loss, but this like The Scenic are a vital part of this Great Isles industrial, social and entertainment history and therefore forming part of such should be recognised and looked after. We should as the present populous be open to insuring that the history of our country is preserved for prosperity. It may only be a load of wooden sleepers in monetary terms but it is far more priceless in term of its historical meaning, and thus in turn is the reason why it should be presevered.

    I must admit that before hearing the news of the Roller Toaster collamity, I as many other people believe, was under the impression that the oldest wooden roller coaster was in the safe hands Blackpool Pleasure Beach, but this is sadly not the case. The oldest by the records, resides (wholey… well maybe more partly now) at the former Dreamland Amusement Park in Margate, Kent; which closed in 2006 following many years of decline. It is my understanding that this closure was a shock to the locals as Dreamland was voted within the top ten Amusement Parks in 2006. After it’s last season the park was closed up and fenced off, and has been subject to planning wrangles since and it looks as thought the land will; as is inevitable these days; be transformed into immagrant housing or the more likely trendy estate.

    It would however be rather interesting to wake up each morning and look out of your window and see a major landmark next to your flat.

    So now the once great Scenic is now torched at its ruined section in need of restoration lets remember that The Scenic is Grade II listed, and this status will hopefully propell the restoration forward, or at least thats the plan. I lend my support to this task not just as a fan of Amusement but as a comparative to my own feelings about the places I loved as a child, namely the wonderful Brean Leisure Centre in Somerset. It has been a mainstay of the Brummie to devote a large ammount of It’s summer holiday to Somerset and of course being a typical Brummie I often holidayed in Brean or Brimingham 2 as I would like formally known. The Leisure centre at Brean is a Fair of sorts, which various travelling and permanant rides based there over the summer season, I was never much of one for rides but the buzz of just watching them was a thrill in it’s own right, and was enjoyed as much if not more as actually going on the rides. Its great fun to watch a ride in full motion, and to hear the sadistic bastard at the controls submitting his passengers to calls of

    “Do you want to go faster?”

    Subsequently hearing the screams of the poor sods as they half say yes and half vomit over themselves as the G-Forces increased. It’s all very good fun.

    Controlled Chaos

    We live in world today where free-speech is a widely accepted and evident part of everyday life. In certain countries in the world this is still not so. But one day it will be so. In a recent event this week I have been subjected to most outspoken form of free-activity I have ever seen. Free-activity is a phrase which I have coined, which contains the derivative formation of all times of strange and obtuse nuisance or otherwise to which this world and myself is having to become accustommed to. I travel alot, be it to work, or just in general which is, I suppose a daily part of most people goings on. In some ways I enjoy but in others I dislike.

    Take this week for example I have been subjected to on no less than four separate occasions teenages causing micheif and general frivolity. I have no problem with people have fun thats a part of daily life, a part which in the most part is allowable and justified, but why answer me this dear reader must I be subjected to seeing the under crackers of people all the time.

    On the bus you have teens fragrantly flashing their seqiun clad knickers, the teeny tiniest of thongs and the most unholy of G-Strings, be them green, flouresant pink or wild magenta. It’s a growing epidemic, and more so it’s a growing concern.

    The dissapeerance of the pant.

    I implore you that, the next time you see a youngling flashing her knickers in a wildly sexual fashion that you just mutter; be it under your breath or at full vocal pelt the following word;



    Well it’s not unusual and its quite accepted now, that this new tax year will bring in a Tax increase. Mr Brown and he’s counterparts have done it again. It’s all going up to fund the hospitals, schools and streets, and of course the government will love having an extra £1 to £2 a week off us working folk to fund their development addiction. Yes I agree that you have to develop our services but do you really have to take another chunk of my money? I have shiny things to buy.

    *I infact know that the world is far from healthy but there is not another word, at the time of writing which would some up how I feel about the terminable planet.

    (I appologise for the poor spelling in this post, but my WordPress Spellchecker has died. RIP Spellchecker.)

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      Written By Mr. Rant.