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    Coming Soon/Recently Updated

     Created at 6:13 on August 9th, 2008 by Mr. Rant. 

    This page is here for the exclusively for the  updates that will be coming to The Rant; I plan to; over the next few months update and change the blog around a bit, adding new things here and there and making some changes,

    I’m not entirely sure what these will be, but some of them will be design changes, of course all this will happen when I get around to it, which makes me think that these changes will indeed never happen!

    Newly Added:

    My Gallery Post and my Cheddar Gallery 10/08/08.

    Completely Redesigned! 11/08/08.

    Comments Reactivated! 12/08/08.

    The Ever Fantastic Rantastic Gallery! 12/08/08.

    Total Migration to our new server and URL!! 17/08/08.

    Added some tweaks and other things, also added Arts and Poetry. 15/09/08.

    Versions 2.0.9 – 2.1.3 Rolled out with updates to design and headers and PHP and CSS work backstage. 29/09/08.

    *Due to a stupid amount of spam comments to this blog, I’ve now been forced to place a CAPTCHA system in place, you will be required to enter the text as show in the image otherwise you will not be able to log a comment to the blog – This does not affect your statutory rights 😉 10/10/08

    Events Calender Added – 20/10/08

    New Background design, header and little Rant logo. Also added out going link warning.  Updated to version 2.2! – 02/11/08

    Added the new scrolling bar to show latest posts, changed background and header for Christmas. – 29/11/08.

    Updated the header bar and incorporated the marquee and new navigation bar.  07/11/08

    Redesigned the site and launched the new version 2.4, a new design will be launched in the near future, 2.4 is a stop gap before a newer version is released.  Still having some issues with the formatting in Internet Explorer, I’m working on this at the moment and should have them sorted shortly, the sidebar menu is no longer jumping to the bottom on the page.  07/01/09

    Fixed problem with header image logo going over the lines. 17/01/09

    General update of Scripting to work towards full W3C acreditation. 04/05/09

    Some general updates on single post page and also added “Posted From” tag. 11/05/09

    New sidebar design adding to the rounded ness of the site! 15/05/09

    Design for Winter Olympics 2010 Launched. 14/02/10.

    New Permalink Structure with nice URL’s. 04/01/11

    Launched Custom URL Shortner made updates to user agents, added Android.  Checked compatibility with other browsers.  29/01/11.

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