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    The Surgeons Knife

     Created at 21:02 on September 15th, 2008 by Mr. Rant. 

    Towards my life the surgeon jumped with eagerness in his eyes,
    Awaiting the time for which would come that he would win his prize,
    Edging closer knife in hand my vision fades to blur,
    The nurse she speaks so heavenly whispering in my ear,
    The words they move so slovenly I try to hide the Fear.

    Drifting in an empty sleep I see nothing but black,
    The time has come for me to go deeper into sleep,
    Trying to block out the dream of slicing knives which move,
    The surgeons hand in which I trust must continue to remove,
    The pounds of flesh they’re scooping out,
    Haunts deep within my mind.

    Writhing agony pain within,
    My dreams become a mist,
    Of hatred and of desperation,
    My eyes begin to twist,
    Darting round and flicking left,
    I begin to awake,
    My legs are shaking thrashing fast,
    I see the surgeons face.

    His eyes are glazed and misted shut,
    He sees the fear in mine,
    Shocked and scared my pain is true,
    A deepening darker hue,
    Of gray and ends I start toward a light so far away,
    And as I lie he slowly fades,
    My heart it starts to slow,
    And then my life ends.

    Hours later I awake,
    Safe and cuddled up,
    Eyes adjusting to the light,
    Its morning now and I’ve survived that deepest darkest place,
    I look inside my self once more and find that I’m alive,
    But was what I saw a dream or fact,
    Or have I come to overlook the fact,
    Of enjoyment we must find,
    In each day for which we live,
    For this we keep in mind,
    Is slowly ticking by.

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