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    It’s all a load of rubbish… (Really)

     Posted in An Objective Opinion & Anger Level 4 & Politics at 16:15 on Monday, January 3rd, 2011 by Mr. Rant

    A healthy start to 2011 you said, a brand new year you muttered, but nothing has really changed has it?

    It definitely hasn’t in Birmingham.

    We seem to have stepped back in time to the mid seventies and began our very own local winter of discontent. You see, our rubbish hasn’t been collected in nearly three weeks now, and would you have guessed that it’s all due to pay decreases causing strikes by the Bin Men – sorry Refuse Collectors here?

    Uncollected Rubbish

    Uncollected Rubbish

    Sound familiar? Well it should, we’ve been here before, many a time and once again the Bin Men – ugh Refuse Collectors are holding us to ransom by attempting to force their hand. Annoying? Yes. Wrong? Unfortunately not for Birmingham City Council. I’m actually with the Bin Men, Er dammit Refuse Collectors on this one. I believe strongly that you should fight to keep what you have and if that’s a job paying good money for a manual work then you should do it, shout it from the rooftops and make everyone aware of the semi-political quandary you’ve been placed in.

    However, (wait for it, the slightly edgy part is coming) when you earn about twice as much as the average worker, and are payed by public taxes (in this case council tax) should you be moaning that much? I figure that it would be a far worse situation if the local government turned around and sacked you because you cost too much to employ as is likely to happen with my job. So stop moaning? Is that a better option than losing you’re job altogether? Call me cynical (You’re cynical – Thanks) but who has the right to actively annoy the wider community?

    I’d like nothing more than to have my rubbish collected in line with the promises from the Council, Can you manage that? Just this once…

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      Written By Mr. Rant.