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    Outstanding Contribution – Russell Brand? Outstanding Prick…

     Posted in Anger Level 4 & Entertainment at 10:08 on Sunday, January 23rd, 2011 by Mr. Rant

    Last night (Saturday 23rd December 2010) the British Comedy Awards were held at the O2 in London and also broadcast live on Channel 4 – nothing unusual in that I hear you say, what is unusual is that the winners weren’t exactly what you’d expect.

    As ever with award ceremonies there will be winners and losers and people will be upset at who won and who didn’t but last nights awards seem to be a the biggest shock.  Most people will be aware that the winners are picked (with the exception of the People’s Choice award which is picked by the public via expensive telephone voting) by a panel of industry experts and fellow funny people, it seems they have lost their way somewhat this year.

    For a start who expected ‘Horrible Histories’ to win Best Sketch Show; even though I’ll admit it’s quite good, and who for the love of God picked Newswipe as the winner of Best Comedy Entertainment Show when the likes of Harry Hill’s TV Burp are getting better ratings and Newswipe is stuck on BBC Three late at night, but the biggest shock was yet to come.

    Outstanding? Nope.

    Outstanding? Nope.

    The Outstanding Contribution to Comedy Award was given to that lanky, offensive, flouncy haired know-it-all Russell Brand, when the likes of Peter Kay and his Lordship Stephen Fry have won it before, what were the judges thinking when they picked him?

    I can only suggest that they were either bribed or aren’t actually industry experts and they’re actually sixteen year old girls or Katy Perry.

    I think you need to pose the question whether award shows such as these are actually worthwhile when you have a comedian (using the term lightly) who is almost universally despised winning a top award, maybe it’s time the whole show was voted for by the public preferably online and for free.  It’s time to give the public back the choice after all we are the people who watch comedians, pay the license fee and support their work.   I’ve sworn that I’ll never watch the comedy awards ever again and I’ll stick by that until they realise that we won’t stand for winners who don’t deserve a top honour.

    We can only that next year the winner is more realistic or else we’ll have Lady Gaga getting an OBE for Outstanding Contribution to Fashion in next years new years honours list.

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      Written By Mr. Rant.