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    A Christmas Message for 2013

     Posted in Thoughts on Things... at 22:20 on Monday, December 30th, 2013 by Mr. Rant

    Now the snow is gone (not that we had any) and the Christmas season has come to end, and to be honest I’m glad.  This year the “season of goodwill” (appropriately in inverted commas — as it really isn’t) started even earlier than in other years, and lets be honest I was sick of it by a week in.

    It has seemed like a none christmas this year, and in fact it seems to have been even more commercial, not that I am one to propagate the season’s real meaning, being an atheist and all that kind of makes that a none starter.

    I would however like to see some kind of goodwill to all men.

    The world is in turmoil, as is evident or will be to you if you take five minutes to invest your mind in some informational gathering from a news outlet.  I suggest we look at what sort of aid we should be offering to those in need,  and think very hard in fact, as to be honest, lavishly splashing around money isn’t going to sort the issue and each situation will inevitably end up at its own starting point.  Thus beginning the cycle and starting the whole process again, and the worry is, that those in need will have to come cap in hand for another injection of cash to move things forward.

    These are of course, the things that keep me awake at night*.  I do however have genuine concern at the turn the human race is taking over, lets say in the past forty years.  We are a selfish society, each day we are out for our own aims, be they monetary, goal driven or simply to get one over on someone.

    Let me state, unequivocally that, I do not have a problem with anyone bettering themselves or working hard to reach a goal that they want to achieve, this in itself is human nature and is a helpful thing to society, after all we would not have; electricity, the motor care, anything to do with America** if it weren’t for those simple humans striving to do something more with their lives.

    We could however take a note from their books that on the whole most of those people who invented/discovered something amazing** didn’t take their discovery for granted and actively used their new found knowledge for the betterment of society.  This isn’t often the case these days, and most ‘inventors’ are after a patent so that they can reap the rewards for the discovery in monetary value.

    I hope that we can ebb the flow of negative tendencies in humanity and hope that we can one day live in harmony, but alas that isn’t going to happen is it?

    Throughout history we have fought each other (this is beginning to sound like a novel), we have attacked one another, over land, resources, or even skin colour so that we can raise a flag and say that we are the best.  Worrying, but alas, each one of us is just a small cog in a much larger, much more aggressive and potentially deadly machine.

    So maybe in 2014, you should just make a small gesture just to improve the life of the man/woman/child next to you, and make their life just that bit better.

    *They don’t keep me awake at night.

    **Tongue in check, not entirely true, often not true at all.

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    It just gets earlier every year….

     Posted in Anger Level 3 & Gripes & Annoyances at 10:36 on Monday, October 22nd, 2012 by Mr. Rant

    We’re getting near to that time of year, we frankly we all start to go a bit mad. It’s October, and granted yes, its towards the end of the month, however, we’ve hit that point already where we are forced to endure the advertising that signals the beginning of the silly season. The time of year where people become nothing more than sheep, to be chased and herded into position, so that some powerful business/person can take the money that you’ve worked so hard for, and keep it for their own.

    I should note, that today is the first day of the October half term and boy does it show, the roads are quieter, the phone rings less and I can only guess that all the people with children are unable to work, and they’ve taken the week off to be with their children, those children that make everywhere busy, and those children who get in my way. A purely selfish moan. Alas, I am allowed to moan about my plight when it comes to those tiny feet that inter-tangle with my size 12 feet, and yes, before you ask; I do apologise, I am sorry that I trod on your foot and made you teary, but you really shouldn’t have got in my way.

    Of course, once the child is teary – incidentally before I continue I am aware that there is a undertone in this post, of the child hating. This in-fact is not true, I don’t hate them all, there is a one-percent tolerance when it comes to children, they’re not all bad, just most… I endure the wrath of the parent, the parent whose entire mental capacity is seemingly absorbed by the child, and is incapable of rational or even un-rational thought, they’re just focussed on preventing their little darling from running away, well they don’t do a fantastic job when it comes to corralling their sprog.

    “Timmy, stop there. No, Timmy, I said wait, you can have the biscuit lat.. No, you can’t have it now, you have to wait. Just wait, thirty seconds is all I ask, Come back Timmy! Come back now! OH GOD” – Said the mother whose child has slipped her grasp, sometimes those reins you see attached to young offspring’s back, begin to sound like a good idea. Yes, it’s tantamount to torture, but if it controls little Timmy and stops him from legging it, I’m all for it.

    So as we progress into that time of year where self control is less evident and virtually non existent the parents of little Timmy be rest assured that we, the childless, don’t wish to tread on your child, and just ask one thing, a little control, and some well earned silence.

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    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

     Posted in Anger Level 3 & Thoughts on Things... at 11:53 on Monday, December 12th, 2011 by Mr. Rant

    It’s that time of year again when the silly season starts and we all get into the Christmas spirit.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike Christmas, I like the lights, the music and I love the food.  The food is arguably the best part.  The only real problem that I have with Christmas is that it seems to be lasting longer and longer.  The Christmas season kicks off at the start of November and doesn’t end until well after the day itself.

    Now, I should clarify that I do like getting into the Christmas spirit, I enjoy that I can look at the lights, and I enjoy that I have an excuse to eat a whole box of mince pies and get away with it, but where is that special feeling you get knowing that it’s just one day, it’s no longer the case.

    If you wanted to, you could celebrate Christmas from September onwards.  Should we doing that?

    I think not.  I don’t have an issue with celebrating Christmas during December, that’s expected, however, I don’t think we should be celebrating the season months in advance.  This year the adverts on tv and online started in September, it’s a bit previous if you get my drift.

    I think it’s time we start celebrating later, and enjoying the special time that Christmas brings, it’s once a year for two weeks (if that) rather than three months of bunting and tinsel.

    Last year here at Rant Towers, we didn’t change the blog for the christmas season but this year we will be, sometimes you’re just Christmassed out.

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      Written By Mr. Rant.

    Mr. Rant’s Christmas Message 2009

     Posted in Public Information at 2:08 on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009 by Mr. Rant

    Hello again dear reader,

    I have once again endeavoured to write a Christmas message not filled with hate and aggression but with joy and frivolity, but looking at my notes this certainly isn’t the case.  For me this has been an interesting year, both for this website and in my life.  I’ve started new ventures, met some great people through twitter, became even more obsessed with it and started to write more articles that are less angry, but still the purpose of this site remains the same.

    For 2010, the plan is to expand the site more and also make sure that I continue with the pod-casting, I appreciate that they aren’t all that regular at the moment and I’m sorry that there won’t be a Christmas edition, I just simply don’t have the free time at the moment.  I’ve barely found time to post in the past few months. I will be making a change in this area.  I have plenty of ideas of what to write about in the next few months, so you can expect a post every week from now onwards!

    Well this year has been a funny one, not much has happened per-say, I mean the world is still revolving and the sun still shines but nothing of merit has occurred, except maybe Rage Against the Machine getting to number one in the U.K for Christmas something which I am incredibly pleased about.  I dislike over produced pop-crap so much it make my blood boil.  I don’t think I could stand to listen to Joe McElderry for any longer than thirty seconds without wanting to extract my eyes with a blunt penguin (yes I imagine that would hurt a fair bit). I truly believe that RATM getting to number one is a triumph for music and proof that the Public are not as stupid as we think they are.  Of course, if you do like X-Factor you probably are a bit ‘Special’.

    We shall see what 2010 brings, it’s going to be an interesting year.  So sit back, relax, have a drink on me and enjoy/endure the season of goodwill with just that.

    Merry Christmas

    Mr. Rant

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    A Christmas Message…

     Posted in The Blog at 9:51 on Thursday, December 25th, 2008 by Mr. Rant

    Two-Thousand and Eight is nearly over.  This year has brought many a challenge for people to cope with, the economic downturn being one of the most difficult.  For normal everyday people the credit crunch has been above anything we have has to cope with in recent years, but alas we have seen it all before in various forms.  For years the banks and credit agencies have been open with their wallets and people have been allowed to run riot.

    For one year, The Rantastic has been broadcasting messages of quality and discussion on topics (ish), close to every bodies hearts, and long may it continue.  I have been face with such great topics to talk about and for this I honour and thank all the idiots in the world which without your help The Rantastic would not exist.  Remember when you fall down the stairs or make a comment that you shouldn’t be making or when Alistair Darling takes away vat but makes charges elsewhere; remember its all ammunition for this blog and I’ll be using it in the best way to make you laugh, raise a smile or shock you.

    So, thank you retard for being there and giving me something to talk about!

    And last but not least, Merry Christmas, I hope you all have a wonderful day, and don’t worry I’ll be grumpy tomorrow.

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    It’s now less than two weeks…

     Posted in Anger Level 4 at 23:56 on Wednesday, December 10th, 2008 by Mr. Rant

    Until Christmas.  That’s something which is infallibly clear.  It’s approaching at a rapid rate of knots and won’t be long till it’s over.  I must confess that I still have presents to buy and things to do before the infernal day takes hold.

    The spirit is most definitely not in me.  On Monday I went to do some shopping at Westfield Merry Hill and I have to say this was hell.  Even at eleven Am the place was jammed and you couldn’t move around for all the retards carelessly wondering around the place.  I mean, do you people not make a list? Not know what you want and where you’re going to get it from?  Is it just me who meticulously plans their shopping outing to make sure it’s completed in the shortest time?

    Seemingly so.

    If you're in this picture, I'm sorry that you're mentally troubled.

    If you are in this picture I'm sorry that you're mentally challenged...

    Merry Hill or Merry Hell as it’s affectionately known is one of those shopping centres which is essentially timeless, not in the sense that it’s magical or exciting but in the sense that once you enter you don’t know what time it is, you loose all sense of logic and time and could be marooned in there for hours without knowing it.

    Of course Merry Hell has all the normal shops which you’d see in one of these malls; to quote an Americanism. Almost all of them expelling some kind of music or auditory annoyance into the air, Christmas songs or the like which make your blood boil.  If I have to hear; “Lonely this Christmas” or “Stop the Cavalry” one more time this Christmas I will surely commit homicide, or suicide, or both.

    I may be bleak willed at this time of year but it really does wind me up and drive me completely barmy.  It’s bad enough at the best of times that I’m continuously subject to the retardation of humanity, but at Christmas this degradation is amplified.

    Please can someone speed the next two weeks up so we can get back to kind of normality?

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      Written By Mr. Rant.