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    Ulimited! (No, actually it’s quite limited.)

     Posted in iPhone & Technology at 8:00 on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 by Mr. Rant

    Orange today have announced that they will launch the iPhone 3G and 3Gs on their network on 11th November 2009, while this might be great news for some I would be very wary of what they have to offer.  This morning along with when they would launch they put a link to the tariffs they will offer to new and upgrading customers; and for the most part they are strikingly similar to what O2 have – Frankly I really doubt that any one will be spurred on the get the iphone on Orange over O2.

    After doing some more investigative work (I’m excellent at this, probably because I’m anal about reading the fine print in contracts, I enjoy it.) it seems that Orange will cap their ‘Unlimited’ internet access for iPhone users to just 720mb, something which O2 don’t do.  Of course there is a fair usage policy (FUP) on O2 but it’s set ridiculously high, I regularly download around a GB of data a month and that’s perfectly easy on the iPhone and O2 allow it.

    Orange seem to have decided one of two things:

    1. iPhone users will use their data and pay for it.

    2. Our shareholders need more money, so we’ll charge the same as O2 and make more money, as a pose to cutting the cost to attract more users from O2.

    A smart move?

    Never, in business, yes you want to make money but an easy way of doing that is being competitive.  O2 are the UK’s largest mobile phone provider and they have a huge share of the market, Orange don’t, what I would do is competitively price the tariffs to attract as many customers as I could.  Orange have seemingly missed a trick.  Capping the data usage on the iPhone is laughable what with all those streaming apps and Facebook checks to made during the day you can easily go over your data allowance in a week let alone four.  750mb is just not enough.

    But wait…

    Vodafone haven’t announced what they will do about their tariffs when the iPhone launches on their network in the new year, it remains to be seen if they will undercut both companies, but alas, I fear that we may see the same tariffs with tiny differences when they launch.

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      Written By Mr. Rant.