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    War, huh, what is it good for?

     Posted in Thoughts on Things... at 8:37 on Thursday, February 10th, 2011 by Mr. Rant

    War is a natural human trait, it’s in our nature to be possessive over our borders and possessions.  Since time began people have gone to war, and fought side by side with comrades and enemies alike.

    Currently the UK is involved in two wars, we all know which they are. Iraq is a sticky subject which causes conjecture and dispute amongst those who have an opinion. 

    Personally I feel the war was justified in that the removal of a tyrannical government cannot be a bad thing, however with the inevitable death and destruction it brings it’s natural that in two-thousand and eleven we question its moral basis.

    The problem lies in both sides fighting the war. You loose soldiers on both sides of the fence.

    Now, I’m not going to sit here and berate the bravey of those soldiers who fight for freedom and peace, it takes guts to go to war and follow orders that might mean you die, but these soldiers know the risk they take going to war, and no matter what you say so do their families. 

    We, as the people of a country at war need to show them respect but keep in mind that, no matter how you put it, a soldier at war is fulfilling his duty and completing the job he signed up for, and unfortunately death is a hazard of the job.

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    What a load of old vat…

     Posted in Anger Level 4 & Gripes & Annoyances at 19:10 on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 by Mr. Rant

    Today is the 4th January 2010, but it’s not just a normal Tuesday.  Today is Vat increase day, which means things will be three percent more expensive than before or does it?

    Well for  a start we all know that the usual tax increase products will have some added; for those not in the know that’s: Fuel, Tabacco and Alcohol.  The last two causing particular concern amongst those at Rant Towers, but what else will the Vat increase hit?

    Vat on the rise...

    Vat on the rise...

    In our research it’s pretty much everything from a loaf of bread, right through to a widescreen telly, you will shortly see the cost of everything marginally increase and life get just that little bit more expensive.

    Can we afford it?

    For most we still struggle a little bit more, that three percent actually works out to around £590 year on average, which in anyones books is a big chunk of a salary (except those running the country, eighteen of the current cabinet and front benchers each have massive personal fortunes: Fact.) so what to do? To be quite honest we don’t know.  It’s a brand new world out there and we have to hope that the retailers get into some competition with each for who is the cheapest and who can get the most business, not excellent for them but good for us.

    Time will tell if this country’s retailers survive after the Vat increase.  In the back of my mind there’s a sly hope that it fails and it’s proven that we’re spending less, we need to teach the current government a lesson and prove to them that what they’re doing isn’t going to work.

    So we shall have to wait it out, but in the mean time with all the increases remember it’s only the 4th January and alread 2011 has gone to pot!

    Happy New Year!

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      Written By Mr. Rant.