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    A link to our past about to disappear – Cosmeston Medieval Village

     Posted in Our Past at 20:39 on Thursday, March 1st, 2012 by Mr. Rant

    Incase you hadn’t realised we have heritage.  It’s colourful, diverse, and often bloody, we’ve been in that many wars it’s unfathomable, but we’re loosing our grip on it, we’re loosing those links that make us remember what made Britain what it is today.  What makes us great.

    For years now we’ve been slowly cutting the education of the past. Places to visit where you can learn about our heritage have been shut down and the wealth of knowledge that these places had is lost.

    Just recently Vale Council near Penarth, Wales, has decided to cut funding for Cosmeston Medieval Village a ‘living’ attraction where you can experience first hand what medieval times in Britain were like and learn in depth how people lived in that time.

    I should explain what a ‘Living’ attraction is.  A ‘Living’ attraction is just that. Living.  In Cosmeston’s case, it’s staffed by an enthusiastic group of historial interpretors who will teach visitors about the attraction, showing them how people lived, and died in 14th century wales.  From farming, to the black death you can learn how a typical medieval village ticked.

    Now, stop me if I’m wrong but personally attractions like this are particularly important to our heritage, people learn better through experience and places like Cosmeston do it well.

    We know that most councils are motivated to save money at present but at the cost of our heritage and understanding, I think that questions need to be asked.  In the last year around 20,000 visitors entered Cosmeston Village, yes there’s a small fee of £5 for Adults but isn’t that worth it to learn?

    Well, the local Council don’t seem to think so.

    There are plans afoot to cut the historical interpretors who dress in period costume and  guide people; therefore loosing the thing that best helps people learn; experience. You will no longer be able to chat to villager; and ask them how their home was built, you won’t be able to see a vast array  of farmed animals and you won’t be able to walk amongst it all and breathe in our rich history.

    Should we let it go? No.

    We need to fight for what is left of our past and allow future generations to learn about history, a petition has been set up to fight for Cosmeston and it’s one I would like to support, I may not be from Wales but we can’t let a place like Cosmeston go, because once you get rid of one thing, you’ve already signed it’s death warrant.

    You can view the Petition here.

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      Written By Mr. Rant.

    It’s all just a little bit of history repeating… (well not repeating)

     Posted in Thoughts on Things... at 2:53 on Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 by Mr. Rant

    In all honesty its just history, I for one profess to be the kind of person who is amazed by our history as a race. It’s incredibly interesting to me to see the past which we have left behind, that we’ve lost and that we should preserve, a perfect example of this is in Cheltenham Spa.

    Around the area of Cheltenham there always was an intrigue into what a line of green was doing there snaking it’s way through the town centre, and until now I’ve been perplexed as to what it was, but after some research the evidence presents itself to say that the line of green was just that; The Honeybourne Line.

    Opened in the eighteen hundreds as a through rail line towards Stratford-Upon-Avon and linking to Birmingham Snow Hill, the line carried both freight and passengers, into Birmingham, now a cycle and walking path the area of the line is steeped in an incredible industrious past, but why make such a big deal over an ex-train line?

    It’s not just about this ex-train line, its the whole preservation agenda, its something that we should be doing, by changing the use of The Honeybourne Line, Cheltenham Borough Council has ensured its future, changing the agenda of it’s use from industrial to pleasure, something which doesn’t happen enough pleasure I mean not regeneration in my eyes regeneration of old building into flats doesn’t fit the pleasure section. Being of a keen demeanor regarding the preservation of things it’s exciting to see old buildings that have been granted a new lease of live, except when they’re remodeled into trendy flats, being a city boy the look and feel of these building never fails to ruin my day.

    On the outside; in a word stunning, but when you see the inevitable sign “Flat to Let or Buy” it makes your heart sink, and thats truly disgusting. Yes we need to find a purpose fit for use in these old building but flats aren’t always the answer, infact they very rarely are.

    So people of Britain its time we did something about this, I feel a campaign coming on….

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      Written By Mr. Rant.