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    Technology Roundup

     Posted in Technology at 4:21 on Saturday, January 10th, 2009 by Mr. Rant

    As you probably know technology moves so quickly these days and it’s hard to keep up with it, in this post I’m only going to cover two topics that might be of interest to all you geeks out there.

    iPhone 3G Update January 2009

    I’m still in love with my iPhone, I think I always will be.  Since I got the new one it’s been nice to see how stable the latest update is, there is now very few dropped calls and crashes, yes you still get the odd one or two but that’s to be expected with such a complex Operating System.  It’s nice to see that the App store continues to grow with new applications being released almost daily.

    A few notable Apps are:

    Facebook Mobile – This App has recently had a barrage of bad press due to wrong times showing and problems with crashes.  I’ve never had the crashes but the time problems are still there with the latest update, I’m sure the FB developers are aware of this and they’ll get it sorted when they find the fault.

    Trains – Yes, you do have to pay for this one, but it’s a great little App that uses data from the UK’s National Rail Enquires website to deliver relatively up to date information about where you’re train is and if it’s going to be late. Come on it’s a great application and stop moaning about the price it’s 0.59p!

    And Finally…

    MMS! –  Our noble friend Ross has been running a service which allows you to send and receive MMS messages directly to your iPhone something which apple deemed unimportant to include in favour of encouraging E-mail as a mobile photo exchange system.  I, for one, always wanted MMS I don’t use it that often but sometimes it nice to one; have it in case you need it and two; send a picture or two to someone when you see something interesting.  Ross teamed up with a chap called Ed and they developed together a native application which is excellent, big thanks must go to these two guys they really have made life a hell of a lot easier with the iPhone now lets hope that both Apple and O2 take note of the applications popularity and add a native built in application for MMS… We’ll see.

    Here’s to hoping that all the things we want for the iPhone get added soon.  Come on Apple…

    Windows 7 Beta testing

    The Best thing since Vista, well not quite, it’s being tagged as the better version of Vista, I quite like Vista I always have.  It works well as long as have a minimum of 3GB of Ram, otherwise it’s just power hungry, at idle on my laptop the Aero theme uses just under 1GB of Ram and that’s with a Dual Core Processor.  We’ll see if the update to Vista is worth anything, I plan to download it on my desktop when it’s publically available again.

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      Written By Mr. Rant.