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    A Minor Gripe…

     Posted in Anger Level 3 & The Blog at 1:41 on Sunday, March 15th, 2009 by Mr. Rant

    As you can see this little old blog is back to it’s usual styling.  I’m sad to see the crazy background of noses go I really liked them. Kind of psychedelic. Anyway, it’s back to being it’s usual boring self.

    I plan to do some major redesign work in the next few weeks, so watch out for some updates, better integration with Twitter and the beginnings of my “Have a Rant on me campaign!”.   You should see changes in the next few days when I start recoding and jigging the page designs around.  So it should be a few interesting and exciting weeks for this blog.

    Now on with The Rant…

    I’ve always been a supporter of some charities, even though I’m miserable and most of the time screaming at the world I do like to make a difference if I can.  I support a wildlife charity called Secret World, it’s not by any stretch of the imagination anything remotely kinky, it’s mostly about badgers.  I support them mainly because our natural wildlife is so pushed these days to survive with the problems we’ve caused for it, that it needs the intervention of ‘man’ to help out every now and then; and besides I like badgers.

    Something grated on me last night.  I usually enjoy Comic Relief; it’s good wholesome fun – most of the time.  However something made me see it in a new light.  It’s been said many things that Comic Relief is all about Africa and for the most part it is; it is this with which I disagree.  Charity starts at home is what I was always told and to me that’s the way it should be.  I understand and get why we need to help people in other countries that’s a basic human compunction, the need to help; ‘human nature’.

    It annoys me vehemently that in a time of recession at home we’re being told that we should put our hands in our pockets and support people with the little money we have or not as the case is likely to be.  As I said I’m not a hard person… much but I really started to disagree with Comic Relief last night. I have a pang of guilt writing this but it needed to be said and someone needed to say it.

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