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    Twitter and Celebrities…

     Posted in Twitter at 1:36 on Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 by Mr. Rant

    In recent days the lovely, the wonderful world of Twitter has been outed by several celebrities and has been awash with people following their antics and daily lives online.  Most of this has been directly caused by Johnathan Ross and Stephen Fry, I have no problem with celebs being on Twitter, it can only enrich our community but what I do have a problem with is the starstruck morons who follow them.

    You see on Twitter you can follow certain people who may be of interest to you, you get to see all the tweets that they post and you can reply to them accordingly when it takes your fancy.  Tonight Russell Brand joined Twitter and in the two hours that he had been on the community he already had thousands of people following him, I must admit that I don’t like him.  I really don’t find him entertaining at all, and he’s quite dull in comparison to the likes of Lee Mack, Lee Evans and also Tim Minchin, but that’s beside the point.

    So why follow them? You may want to get an insight into their lives, which admittedly is slightly stalkerish, you may want to get closer to them, which is slightly stalkerish.  Hold on, you’re effectively stalking them, I suppose that this would be indicative of the follow function that Twitter has.  Currently on my Twitter account I am following eight people, six of those being people who live near me and two of them being moderately famous.  Now there is a difference in being a celeb and being famous.  Famous people are generally well known because of something which is important, this is the case in my eyes with @girlwithonetrack, the link to her blog is below and right, in her case I find her blog riveting and important as a account of life.  The other person is @stephenfry, you can guess who that is from just the name.  Mr. Fry is a great ambassador for new technology and this is the reason that he is being followed.

    If you join Twitter just to follow a celeb, don’t bother they’ll get bored with it in a week, and never update, if you want real insights into lives; follow someone who lives near you; (I don’t mean stalk them, yes that means you).  Lets just work hard to make our community somewhere that we can partake in this wonderful event and make our feelings known, don’t make it about celebrity.

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      Written By Mr. Rant.