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    I think I’m getting old…

     Posted in An Objective Opinion & Thoughts on Things... at 1:02 on Monday, October 20th, 2008 by Mr. Rant

    There comes a point when you have the stark realisation that you are getting older; sometimes this might be that you need glasses, or that you find it harder and harder to get up in the morning (a problem I’ve always had).

    Today I was perusing a magazine, you know the type you get free in The Sun; promoting some kind of essential product to help you live your life better, one such product always stuck in my mind, it just so happened that this was a magazine based for the older people in society and the product was a monument cleaner.  The inscription clearly read:

    “Monuments look lovely when their new, but over time they degrade and begin to loose their sparkle, with our fantastic monument cleaner you can give your relatives or departed the end they’ll like”

    I think I might buy some, wait what am I saying nobody should want that.  However some of the products in such magazines are indifferent, this being the case with the monument cleaner a stupendously obsurd product which is gauranteed to be a best seller, I think you must be mad to want it, but somehow you do.  Thats the selling point of these articles.

    The magazine I was leisurely flicking through was one which was entirely about Christmas, and dare I say it, we all know its not that far away now.  As you may well know, I for one am not that overly enthused about christmas infact most of the time I’m thoroughly sick of it, but there is a certain excitement that comes from knowing its just around the corner and that you can once again enjoy the frivolities that are a kin to the season.

    For me this manifests itself in the knowledge that Birmingham Franfurter Market is a mere few weeks away, this year starting on November 13th.  I’ve always loved the German Market, it’s a culture change for Birmingham and lets you see how other countries celebrate Christmas.  Look it’s not that I dislike Christmas, well it is, but that’s not the point, its the culture of it in this country that gets my goat.

    Yes, you can celebrate it how you want but at least spend some time and effort into the things you buy for others, in the magazine there were such things as; a CD player with a faux mohogony finish or a personalised ironing board cover, enough to warm the cockles or anyones heart.  These items are tacky, yes they may be cheaper than other things but who really wants a paper from the day they were born.

    Me, that’s who, so please dear reader before I buy one for myself get me one, and then shall my life be truly complete.

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      Written By Mr. Rant.