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    T.O.S (Terms of Service)

     Created at 3:20 on September 27th, 2008 by Mr. Rant. 

    Terms of Service

    In this ever complicated world we have to have things such as these, the below lays out the obligation in which you enter upon visiting this website.


    therantastic.com will accept no liability for errors caused in any way to the machine or way in which you view this website. This website service has been thoroughly checked for errors and designed to work on both the FireFox and Internet Explorer platforms.


    This website is not reproducible in any form be it electronically or other. The copyright holder reserves the right to allow reproduction, permission can be obtained by contacting the webmaster direct at: [email protected]. The name “The Rantastic” can be reproduced but once again permission must be sought before use. All Graphics and designs are owned by the respective parties, reproduction is strictly prohibited. Failure to adhere to the Copyright terms and conditions may result in legal action or advice being sought by therantastic.com.

    Copyright allowances

    The license holder for this website will allow reproduction of an article only if:

    1. That the articles are reproduced in the same in which they are displayed on this website.

    2. That they are shown to come from this website and are credited to The Rantastic with a link to this site.

    3. The article or stub is under thirty words, any reproduction over this amount and permission must be sought.

    Your Comments

    The comments made within this site by visitors do not represent the ideas and or feelings of the site owners and no liability will be taken due to any comments made by site users, all user comments are logged against IP addresses for tracking purposes. The Rantastic.com will not allow service users to imprint defamatory remarks, libellous comments and potential legal situations. The Rantastic and it’s partners reserve the right to remove and or ban users using IP banning systems. We are not responsible in part or whole for comments of our users.

    Privacy Policy

    The Rantastic and the site owners routinely collect information about users of this site, this information will take the form of IP logs.  These logs are kept on our servers and not distributed to any other party and are kept for records regarding visitor levels and comments.  They are purged at regular intervals.

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